Recycling scenes

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     direct video link. 

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    Not surprising really, it seems a shame that so many cool shots only get used once. Really this is more of what @KirstieT was saying in her blog about being more green in the movie industry, save $$$ and the envoironments.

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    Some of these movies pre-date the time of the push for more environmental friendly film production. For those movies I would say it was budgets that forced recycling of older shots.

    You'd be surprised how much music used to be recycled in the 1950s and 60s. The Creature From the Black Lagoon music was used in at least two other horror movies I've seen from that time period.

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    ...just from the thumbnail still I can tell that those aren't the same shot.  The Jedi Masters aren't sitting in the same order and the central figure on the left isn't the same person (look at the hair and the robe color).  Did they re-use the camera angles and the set?  Yep, looks like it, but it's not the same footage.

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    Star Wars prequels are a special category. Set? There's no Jedi Council set! Maybe part of a floor, but that all virtual!