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    Hmmmm... Tricky.

    Mocha Hitfilm supports the open splines Mary Poplin is using here. However, since Mocha Hitfilm exports Camera Solves and Roto masks, I'm not certain if Mocha Hitfilm can export an open spline to Hitfilm.

    Additionally, the warp work done here cannot be done in Hitfilm--in fact After Effects can't actually do it either. Mary was using the RE:Flex third-party plug-in from RE:Vision. Some of the RE:Vision plug-ins are Hitfilm Compatible (DE:Flicker, DE:Noise, ReelSmart Motion Blur and Twixtor), but RE:Flex isn't one of them.

    So, while the type of warp work Mary Poplin does here MIGHT be possible in Hitfilm, it's not going to happen the way she does it. You'd probably have to roto out your entire actor, then mess around with Hitfilm's Warp tools by trial and error to make it happen.

    That said, Re:Flex is a $600 plug-in that does one thing--morphs.

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    Wicked demo, though. 

    I've got jet lag just from watching it.

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