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I'm completely new to editing and I was looking up a tutorial on how make a glitchy intro but found nothing, could someone help?  I simply want to have an image over the top of some blurred footage at the start of a vid and have the image "glitch out" a little.

I have HitFilm 3 express. 

Here's an example of what I'm after, done in After Effects.

Thanks in advance.


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    For the most part you're just going to follow this After Effects tutorial.

    Following along with this Tutorial, you could download the exact same "glitch" footage he did, drop it into a comp under your logo, and use the "Distort>Displacement" effect, using the glitch footage layer as a displacement source.

    The bit where he made three copies of the logo and used Levels to change the RGB values? Yup, you do the exact same thing in Hitfilm using the "Color Correction>Levels Histogram" effect. Just select the two channels you don't want to keep from the Channels dropdown and move those channel's "white" slider point all the way to the left.

    The bit where he stacked the three copies of the logo with the top two in Screen blend mode? Yup, you do the exact, same thing in Hitfilm. You can set the layer blend mode from the Controls panel.

    The bit where he used the expressions to add wiggle to his three logo copies? Well, Hitfilm doesn't have expressions, but, guess what? 99.9% of the time you see an expressions used, that's an AE guy who just doesn't feel like keyframing. You'll have to enable Transform Keyframes for your layers and move them around manually a little bit. Should take about a minute.

    The bit where he used the TV effect? Stock Hitfilm Express doesn't have that effect. You can either purchase the "Damage Pack" add-on (which includes "TV Damage" as well as several others, or, you can play around with other effects in Hitfilm Express. Maybe masking a Grade Layer with Distort>Derez or something under the Warp category would have a similar look.

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    Thanks so much mate.

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