Newcomer observation re forums

Might I humbly suggest that it is time to create at least thirty more categories or sub-categories so as to make navigation of the forum just a little bit easier and more organized.

Perhaps a new discussion could seek input from long-time members as to how to best develop such topics.

ie. How do I create this effect? / Audio related topics / User projects / Contests / etc.

I realize I'm new and certainly don't want to wear out my welcome Day 1 but for an industry built on organizing clips you aren't doing such a great job of organizing queries and answers.

Maybe it's the forum software you use but I'm used to seeing post numbers per member and rankings  and some ability to track down a topic without a search that gives a wack of possible discussions.

I apologize in advance for such a viewpoint but as an SEO and user interface specialist I can't help but want to help when I see a fixable problem.

The things you are doing right far outweigh my petty concerns but we are all here to improve our skills, whatever they may be. I do hope you consider any future suggestions I might provide as a sincere desire to help you succeed in thanks for your clear desire to have me do the same in film making.