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I started with Express to work on some holiday videos and found that it didn't have the needed audio codecs so I blew the bundle and got Pro since I see that it can work with my iClone and such.

Anyway, I ran into trouble right out of the gate that took a night of introspection to solve. I was trying to work with files on my network drive and it just kept locking up or was so slow I almost asked for a refund. (Note to devs - update FAQ on reasons for things being slow.)

My next stumbling block is that, for the life of me, I can not locate the opacity slider that is supposed to exist for every clip. Would someone please provide a screen shot or give a more detailed description of where I should find it? ( Again, the answer should be in the manual.)


  • Aladdin4d
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    @Farscarper - Opacity is under Controls>Transform for each layer of a composite shot. 

    Controls panel - HitFilm web reference manual

    You can also use the Timeline Graph

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    Great. I at least found it in the Controls panel, which I've yet to delve into.

    My concern was not being able to figure it out from the instructions in http://hitfilm.com/video-tutorials#/getting-started at 1:32. It says you can adjust right in the timeline itself but I didn't find I could.

    Maybe I needed to set a keyframe first? I'll keep at it but I'm grateful for your help in getting me past that mental hurdle. Thanks.

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    Opacity is also available on the timeline, yes. In the editor, you use the Opacity envelope, and just drag the line up or down, and in a composite shot, its in the Transform controls.

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    The obvious becomes embarrassing. I didn't see the horizontal top light blue line above both video and audio that can be dragged up and down. It sits so directly at the top of the video image that it seemed like just a border.

    I guess I got frustrated trying to make the vertical do-hicky at the left edge of each clip control the opacity. Ha.

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    You might have to adjust the track height to see things better but that's talking about the timeline graph. It's a thin bar you can click and drag near the top of the clip. Looking at a clip on the timeline you'll have a bar with the clip name in it and below that a thumbnail of the clip. The graph line is right between them and you can click and drag it down or CTRL click along the line to set keyframes to make an envelope.

    In a composite shot some of the layer properties you find on the Controls panel are available on the timeline too but not all of them so as a general rule when you can't find a control - check the Controls panel.


  • NormanPCN
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    The Opacity control is also in the controls panel (Transform) in the NLE just like the composite timeline. The NLE just also has the envelope.

    It is pretty much impossible to adjust opacity to a specific value in the NLE envelope. You can only go visually. The movements are too sensitive and have no value feedback. For that just use the controls panel to set a specific opacity value.

    The same comments apply to the NLE audio volume envelope.

    Numeric feedback  via a tooltip while dragging would be nice as well as a right click option, Set To..., to get a dialog to set a specific value at a point.

  • Farscape
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    Everything was all good until NormanPCN blew my novice mind with his advanced level techno-instructo. I'm sure I'll grow to love him dearly for his wisdom and experience, but at this point it's clear I have a long way to go before I can even begin to understand the most basic of acronyms, such as NLE.

    But do let me guess. Non-Linear Environment. Natural Life Experience. Noobies Left Empty-handed,  Nocturnal Learning Expose.

    Please don't ban me outright for my wine-inspired musings. I truly think this is a great community of extremely helpful kindred spirits. I just happen to be more spirits than helpful on this particular occasion.

    I shall hope to rectify that in the future, with your clearly visible and timely help. Most forum owners would kill to have such participation.

  • Triem23
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    Non-linear Editor. 

    We'll go easy on you, Farscraper, and ease you into the joys of Hitfilm. Soon enough, you'll be the one helping the next gen of "n00bs."

    Just to sum up Opacity again, in both Editor and Composite shot timelines Opacity can be set in the Controls panel. The controls panel in general is a good place to set initial values for most things, simply because it gives you a fair amount of space to see/read the Controls. Also, in both timelinea, you can "twirl open" the controls directly on the timeline layer. Less space than the Controls panel, but this ia where you'll actually see your keyframes in relation to everything else. The Opacity graph is Editor timeline only. I can't say much more about it as I treat Hitfilm as a shot creator, but do my edits in Sony Vegas. 

    Welcome to the forum. 

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    @NormanPCN If you make sure Controls>Transform is open when you set your envelope points you can get numeric feedback on what you're doing and it might be my mouse and touchpad resolution but I don't have any problems adjusting to .1% especially when video size is set to extra large. The caveat is the playhead has to be at the same position as the keyframe point you're setting so it's CTRL click, double click the point to bring the playhead over and then set. Granted that's nowhere near as elegant as a tooltip while dragging would be but it does work.

    @Farscraper NLE = Non-Linear Editor (or Editing) and you're right about this being a great and helpful community. 

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     Wine-inspired musings are the best kind.

  • Aladdin4d
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    Wow- I think you all have been nipping at the bottle! lol

     NLE- Triem23 is correct but I would have told you Noob Life Expectancy just to put a little fear into ya. ;^)

    okay- not really.

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    Ha. I'm clearly amongst a great class of creative, helpful drunkards with equal measures of wet tongues and dry wit. Have I finally found my true online home?

    For those required to search for the Opacity Settings on editor timeline in the future there is also this great tutorial reference on Transitions at 1:48.


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