Hitfilm 3 pro and Davinci color grade

Does anyone know how to use Davinci resolve as a color correction software and transfer over to hitfilm 3 pro? so using hitfilm 3 pro as the editor and what not and Davinci as the color software?


  • KoDuty
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    I think the Colorist pack of Hitfilm is the same with Davinci so we just need HF for coloring

  • Andy001z
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    @eifilms From what I have seen the general rule seems to be get your film/video complete and edited in Hitfilm then export it so that you can grade it in Davinci. Grading should really be about pulling the tone of the video together so the viewer is not thrown from bright scenes to dark ones. @KoDuty your right Hitfilm does have some cool colour grades and these work great in a lot of situations but from what I know Davinci is a dedicated colour grading software and offers much more control over how your film will look.

  • Triem23
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    Andy is correct here. Grading comes after editing (don't waste time grading footage that might not be used--that's wasting time). 

    For the most useful data for Resolve, you would export a 16-bit OpenEXR sequence. 

    Hitfilm actually does have very good grading tools, but as Andy notes, Resolve was built to do one thing: grade footage. Yes, now it has editor functions, but it's primary use is still tweaking color. 

  • OutlineEntertainment
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    An option for reimporting (at least some kind of a preview of) your grade into HitFilm  would be to export a LUT out of Resolve (right click on your clip in 'Color' mode and select 'Generate 3D LUT (CUBE)') and use the HitFilm LUT Effect to import it into HitFilm. This works perfectly fine as long as you do not use filters like sharpening/softening inside Resolve.

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