How to make swarm of flies coming out of mouth?

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Hey guys,

can anyone explain how to do  flies coming out of someones mouth. This was done by Film Riot.   Still such a noob and inexperienced to figure it out without help. I did try though, I created a new plane (black in color, and then dropped particle effect on that plane but couldn't figure out how to animate it, and that might even be wrong too! I really need this effect and really appreciate any help, sorry cant post the youtube link from work, thanks! 


  • AxelWilkinson
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    You don't need a plane. Basically, you will want two copies of your video footage. On the top one, you will use a mask to isolate the nearer edge of the person's mouth, so it can appear in front of the flies. Then, add a particle simulator layer in between your layers of footage, and set it up to create the swarm of flies. Position it so they are coming from inside the subject's head, out the mouth.

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    To expand a little bit on what Axel wrote, if adapting a Film Riot or VideoCopilot or any other AE tutorial using Particular into Hitfilm, you don't have to make a solid/plane to apply particles to. Particular is a great particle sim, but it's an add-on/hack/workaround that renders particles to a graphic layer. Since Hitfilm's particle sim is a core feature, particles are their own layer type. 

    A 2D Hitfilm particle sim renders a bit like a Particular layer--as a 2D image you can add effects to. Hitfilm has the 3D Unrolled option which puts (multiple) particle and model layers into 3D space together (so, if adapting a tutorial using Element 3D,again,don't afd a plane/solid for your model. Models are their own layer type.)

    If a Particular tutorial is adding a "Light" emitter, this is Particular's way of getting position/emitter data from AE. Hitfilm doesn't need that a Particular "point light" emitter is a Hitfilm "point" emitter. A particular "spotlight" emitter is a Hitfilm point emitter in a cone trajectory. This means you can change the cone angle at the emitter, not at the light. 

    When Particular turns on "Shadowlets" in Hitfilm we make certain the particle layers properties are set to "Illuminated" and "Cast Shadows."

    When a Particular tutorial talks about" Aux Particles" it's the same as Hitfilm's mobile emitters. 

    When a Particular tutorial starts adjusting "over time" values, in Hitfilm we use the Lifetime panel. 

    There's a few other minor differences between Hitfilm and Particular, but those are most of the major ones. Remembering these differences will make it fairly easy to adapt Particular tuts to Hitfilm. 

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    Freakin awesome! Thank you so much guys, as I was reading that, just made it so much easier to understand. I will post clip when done. Thank you Axel and Triem!

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