I believe this was done in After Effects, but could it be done in HitFilm?

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I paid someone on fiverr to do this intro for my youtube channel

I considered using a tutorial to do it on after effects but decided not to because, A. I don't own it and B. only really know photoshop and illustrator from the adobe suite.

Anyway - would this be doable on hitfilm 3 express or pro? Or would I need some advanced plugins?

Because I'll probably update this intro later on with new pictures and wouldn't mind giving it a go then.

Thanks in advance!


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    In short, yes, this is totally doable in any version of Hitfilm. 

    I was about to start a long bout of phone typing, but, instead, watch an AE tutorial. Basically you prep two composite shots, a BG and logo. Each comp shot is going to have tons of layers, and all you do is tediously keyframe each layer sliding (or rotating in from the top edge after moving the anchor point) for 2 or 3 frames. Or, you animate a mask to reveal each picture. Lots of copy/paste. Repeat for every picture/video clip in both comps. The logo should be in a third comp shot as white on black. You'll keyframe it's motion in it's own comp shot and use it as a source for a Set Matte effect. 

    Then, in your final comp, layer up your FG and BG embeds with a red plane and a copy of the logo that's white on transparent and animate the FG opacity to bring in your logo maskes pictures, then your red plane and white/transparent logo. 

    This is pretty much a super-basic composite that becomes tedious because you're going to need to animate a couple of hundred layers with four or five frame durations. 

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    Thanks for the great breakdown, as always @Triem23

    Putting it that way makes it seem a lot less complicated than it appears. (you'd probably make a good bomb diffuse tech ) I guess with an effect like this - if one thing is slightly off it's going to be very obvious.

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    It isn't that complicated but it would be tedious and for that reason I personally wouldn't do it HitFilm or AE. This is the kind of project that Vegas scripting makes easy and fast. 

    Also everything happens so quick in this one you could have quite a few things slightly off and never notice.

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    @Aladdin4d hmm have not used vegas since college..

    And I'm guessing if you have one thing off it will be off for all, with a lot of duplicating/pasting, so it would appear as a lot. 

    Maybe I'll just stick with fiverr - although there are free templates floating around for this type of effect apparently. 

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    And @Triem23 's response in 5...4...3...2...Wait! Whaddaya mean he's not here? He's ALWAYS here..............(sigh) fine we'll go on without him then.

    Basically your foreground and background are just a series of stills and your name is a text mask the size of which is scaled over time. 

    Being specific to this as Triem23 mentioned it looks like a 5 frame sequence so you could create the background in seconds with a script function that imports your stills and places them on the timeline sequentially with a 5 frame duration.  

    For the text I'm going to link to a Vegas based article because I don't know of a good HitFilm tutorial for this off the top of my head, the basics transfer across pretty much anything and it'll give you a good idea on the basics of how things were done. Your's is a little more advanced in that a few extra mattes were thrown in here and there.

    Creating masking tracks in Vegas

    Once you have your titling the way you want it you can work on the foreground. The foreground is essentially stills taken of every fifth frame of the background plus titling with a vertical blur applied so the next step is to use a script to snapshot every fifth frame. After that the exact steps get host dependent, most hosts need two more tracks where Vegas needs just one but the important thing to remember is the sequence of events. Here it's a transparent frame followed by three transition frames and then a full blur frame. We can make this by using a script to place a transparent matte with a duration of 4 frames at every fifth frame of the background track so transparent matte 4 frames long, 1 frame of nothing  then transparent matte etc etc. Now we need to offset by one frame and place the snapshots we took earlier also with a duration of 4 frames This ends up overlapping the transparent mattes by three frames giving us the right sequence, transparent frame, transition transition transition, full blur (I know the blur hasn't been applied yet). The transition here is very very close to a stock Vegas transition which is "Push" using the "Push in. down" preset.  Once again we can use a script to apply that to every transition. That leaves the vertical blur. It can be applied to every still on the track using a script too but In Vegas I would apply the blur as a track effect.

    Anyway that's the gist of how I would do it anyway. Let's try this again.....

    And @Triem23 's response in 5...4...3...2...

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    That's easy! Just use Set Matte effect 

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    thanks to you all I have bookmarked this post!

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