How to speed up footage for speed painting...?

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Hi! does anyone know how to make a clip speed up and not have black/blank frames at the end of the clip?

I've tried speeding up the clip with the temporal effects, and it does the job nicely, accept that it seems to not effect the actual length of the clip, leaving behind alot of blank black frames at the end. When i try slicing the end off, the effect is then applied to the new shorter clip resulting in blazing speeds, and more black frames. any way around this? thanks. To further clearify what im doing here, this will be used to speed up videos of me drawing stuff in photoshop


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    Move the video you want to speed up into it's own composite shot ("Video Holder")

    In your MAIN composite, bring in the Video Holder composite as an embedded composite shot. Apply the Speed effect to this embedded comp. Now you can change the duration of the embedded comp on your timeline to correctly trim the black frames.

    Hitfilm's speed effect is a little strange that way.

  • BluetheFox
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    That works! thank you. ^^

    Now to sit through the proxying process so i can actually view it....

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    Can someone make a video tutorial on how to do this? I'm having trouble figuring out how to make slow motion shots


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