Issue: Locking Layers.

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Is there a way to LOCK layers (in both Edit/Post modes) thus preventing them from being modified in any way?

In EDIT when we wish to drag several layers or cut at edit line, there is no way to LOCK desired layers and prevent them from being modified.

In POST when selecting/clicking layers residing UNDER other layers (in the viewer), the top layers always get selected instead.

The workaround I use is to HIDE the top layers and then mod the underlying layers - but that is not good if we need to match the underlying layers with the layers on top.


  • SimonKJones
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    Unfortunately there's no layer/track lock in HitFilm at the moment. Definitely a feature I'd personally like to see implemented. I can confirm that it's on our internal feature tracker, though, I don't have any information on when it might see the light of day.

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