Resize/Reshape Layer to Fit Mask to Superimpose Using Chroma Key

I've got two videos: 1) A shot of a living room with a television that has a green screen; 2) A video that I want to superimpose on to the television screen using chroma key.

The chroma key part is straightforward.  The part that is challenging is conforming the second video to the shape/size/perspective of the television screen in the first shot.

It would be great if there was an easy way to snap a layer to a mask shape.

I've played around with the layers in 3D, and can get them somewhat close, but one problem is that when resizing or reshaping a layer, it seems to want to say either a rectangle or square, whereas the television screen I'm trying to superimpose on is a trapezoid.

Any ideas how to accomplish this?  I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!



  • NormanPCN
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    Try using Quad Warp.  It should work well as a corner pin type tool.

  • Triem23
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    Hispeed, can you upload a screen shot? Norman's suggestion of Quad Warp is, 99% of the time, the way to go for screen inserts, but that trapezoidal screen makes things more difficult, since, if you tracked the corners of the screen and used those points as Quad Warp reference points your video insert will be distorted. We'll want to see if there's something rectangular to track with a mask to conform the screen shape, or if mocha might be needed. Either way you're going to have to fiddle a bit because of the trapezoidal shape. 

    Unless you WANT the screen insert to skew, in which case, track each corner of the screen and used the tracked points for Quad Warp. 

    Yes, scaling a layer will keep it rectangular, since that's the shape of the layer. You're certainly going to need masking at some point, I would guess. 

  • hispeed
    hispeed Website User Posts: 2

    Quad Warp did the trick - in two seconds flat. I can live with the slight perspective distortion.  You guys are lifesavers.  Cheers!

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