Copyright and none monitorized YouTube videos

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Hi guys,

I know I could try and look this up on Google but I guess there will be people here who already know this.

What are the rules on using copyrighted music on YouTube videos that are in no way money making?




  • Triem23
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    Bottom line is copyright. Monetized or not, you are subject to takedown if the copyright holder chooses, unless the video falls under "fair use," (educational, review or parody). 

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    fair enough. I figured it was the case just wanted to be sure

    Thanks @Triem23.

  • StormyKnight
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    I've had this video up for 7 months but in the title it says it's a parody. Also, I've accredited the borrowed video of Niagara Falls (I did get permission to use it from the owner) and the music is also accredited properly, which is why I think it's still there. Click on 'show more' and you can see youtube added links to get the music so a video for a nonprofit theater is making money for someone somewhere.


  • Andy001z
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    My view is this, as soon as you start to make money from someone elses work, then that person will want a slice of the pie, if they can't get that pie the next best thing is to shut you down. So the message is, be careful, its a pie eat pie world out there.

  • Robin
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    Aside the theoretical legal side of this, the practical side comes down to whether the YouTube content ID filter catches the copyrighted music, and if it does, how the original content creator chooses to handle matches. For example I have used a song in a video that was matched, but instead of it being taken down what happened was that ads were forced on the video by the copyright holder, and I couldn't monetize the video myself. Also, the song got explicitly mentioned beneath the video with a direct link to buy it.

    Fair deal if you ask me, I can leave my video up for everyone to see and the copyright holder gets at least something from me using the song without permission.

  • Andy001z
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    @Robin sounds fair to me to.