How much is an upgrade to HitFilm 3 Pro?

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I don't mind paying $300 for HF 3 Pro, but what about upgrades? How much for example is someone paying who upgrades HF 2 Pro (to get an indication what a HF 4 Pro upgrade might cost).


  • Marcin
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    The link above should answer your question, but you have to be signed in.

  • SteveMorse
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    I've already been there and it didn't help me, because it states:

    "This account does not have any available upgrades"

    It seems that I need to own a Hitfilm 2 product, to know what an upgrade would cost. I find that rather strange, since other companies never seem to make a secret of that. It's never a good sign when a company tries to hide upgrade pricing.


    I'm done with company, obviously they do not want to sell their product...sigh.

  • Aladdin4d
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    @SteveMorse The probably don't have an upgrade price listed anywhere because they have no idea what you're upgrading from. Is it HitFilm Standard or Ultimate or HitFilm 2 Express or Ultimate or Hitfilm 3 Express with some add ons or a stand alone version of the HitFilm plugins? Are you looking to upgrade through FXHOME or one of it's partners?

    I think the "official" upgrade price from HitFilm 2 Ultimate to 3 Pro is $169.00 and 2 Express users get a $50.00 discount but I'm not sure because I didn't get it that way. I got it by upgrading my Sony Vegas package. The cost was a bit more than 169 but it also included some nice extras like a Sound Forge Pro license and Izotope's Nectar Elements. The moral of the story is the upgrade price depends on what you have and where you get it so there isn't a fixed price but it's always been fair.

  • Triem23
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    Actually I think the Pro 3 upgrade is  $199. Several third-party vendors (greenscreen systems for one) offer a $50 discount to Hitfilm 2 Express ownets, which makes the price $249.

  • NXVisualStudio
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    I have never known FXHome to be sneaky as you describe, Instead of blowing your trumpet send  SimonKJones a private message and ask for specific detailing for these upgrades if you are unsure :)

    Personally I would get HitFilm3Pro.... You won't regret it :)    

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    Yeah, upgrade prices differ very much with the exact version you're upgrading from. I see your point that you would like to know the pricing to see if the product will cost you lots more for future updates, at least a hint on the website for users who are not logged in would be nice.

    You can trust us though, HitFilm has always been about making available pro-grade software available to Indie and hobby video enthusiast, knowing very well those are the people that don't have huge budgets to spend on software. That goes for the initial purchase, as well as the upgrade prices, they have alwyay been very competitive, well below the bar set by the "big players" in the market.

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    Hi @SteveMorse - your post escaped my attention so sorry for taking a while to get back to you.

    I understand your confusion - allow me to explain. The reason we don't have a page showing the upgrade prices is because now that we've HitFilm 3 Express for free, we have a number of add add-on packs that can be additionally bought. Having any of these packs will alter a user's upgrade price and so we now have thousands of different upgrade paths. The best way to make sure we're giving the correct information is to have the user login and show the upgrade path specifically for them. If we were to put up generic ones, it could prove very confusing.
    However I can tell you here - you mentioned upgrading from HitFilm 2 Ultimate to HitFilm 3 Pro - the upgrade price there is £163.29 (or $209.30, whichever you need). Hope that helps!

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