What video/audio formats are compatible with Hitfilm Ultimate?

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Hi there! I am looking to purchase a new camcorder soon that will be high-definition, as the quality on my current camcorder is too grainy. I just want to make sure that I do not purchase a camcorder that is not going to be compatible with this software, as I am buying the camcorder JUST for this software. I am considering a Panasonic HDC-TM90K, if that helps. Awesome stuff and I look forward to using the software more and more as time rolls! :) Thanks for any help.


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    They are all listed there. For the most part, all of the widely used formats are compatible, other than AVCHD. We are still working on getting the rights for that one. But keep in mind that any camera that captures in AVCHD should rightly be converted to a different format for editing anyway, as the MPEG-4 compression it uses is too lossy for quality editing work. Its designed for being able to write the footage to disk very fast, ans store a lot of footage in the available space, not to be a maximum quality editing codec.
    Really this is true of pretty much every prosumer HD camera on the market though, not just the AVCHD ones.
  • So what is the best format for editing that balances file size with quality? Thanks
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    It took my Canon T3i just over 11 minutes to create a 4 Gig MOV file. It was just a preliminary test (new camera, lights, wireless mics) for an industrial video we'll be shooting in a couple weeks, so having it stop suddenly mid-shoot wasn't an issue. I hadn't even set up the backdrop. It was good to find out about it happening, though. I'm still debating whether I want to keep shooting at 1080 @ 30fps or drop down to 720 @60 fps. The final will be at 720 @ 30 fps.
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    I  use a canon 5D mark II to shoot videos.Does it work with hit film U?Is the format mov decompressed usable ?
    can I perchase two copies of HFU2?
    Thank u