HitFilm 3 Express is slow to open

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Why does Hitfilm Express 3 take so much time to  open? One moment it takes 5 seconds, other moments it can take up to 10 seconds. Most of my other multimedia software, substantially larger in size, never takes more than 3 seconds to open on my 4790K system with a fast Intel SSD.

I also don't understand why it varies, it looks like it's trying to connect to the internet, but I can't say that my internet connection is a bottleneck either with 30Mbps.

To some 5-10sec might seem like a major issue, but I'm not used to that and since I'm a heavy user who often tends to jump from program to program, those 5-10sec are starting to annoy me. Turning off my virus scanner made no difference.

Great program btw, I might actually buy the Pro version.



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    @SteveMorse well that's a BIG question, and one I can relate to, opening software should in theroy be the same each time, but your question only throws up lots of questions from Hitfilms point of view. I'll bung a few your way.

    1. What else was open / running when you hit that HF icon?

    2. Are you finding the speed lags on a fresh boot to windows are is it just after some time using other programs, maybe some other application or system resource is being taken and not given back, meaning HF takes a performance hit.

    3. Run a process performance tool to see what else is using CPU and memory when you load HF.

    That will do for starters. I know it should just work right, but computers are like people they are all Different, and that there is a problem.

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    My question is whether it's normal to have this delay.  I don't want to spend a lot of time on collecting data or trying things out to help the developer to solve an issue that might not be an issue at all, but just the result of a design decision.

    Sorry if I wasn't clear enough.

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    But that's my point what is normal to one person is not to someone else. How can one person judge anothers setup and performance with out information. Sorry not the answer you are looking for, but I dont have what you need.

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    "How can one person judge anothers setup and performance with out information. "

    For your information, I did provide that information:

    "Most of my other multimedia software, substantially larger in size, never takes more than 3 seconds to open on my 4790K system with a fast Intel SSD."

    That information is more than enough for a developer to get an idea whether my start times are acceptable. It would only take 1 single user who claims to get 2-3 seconds with a slower system to understand that I should have a closer look at my system. 

    I just need to know whether 5-12sec is acceptable for a system like mine and if you don't have the answer, that's fine with me, but spare me your belittling computer lessons when you know nothing about my knowledge about computers. (I'll spare you the embarrassment to inform you what my profession has been since 1989).


                            ------ TO THE DEVELOPERS -------

    What truly bugs me is that I've stated that I will probably buy the $300 Hitfilm Pro 3, but when I then see that none of you can be bothered to spend even 1 min of your time to help me in this 4(!) days old thread before I buy the product, then I seriously wonder what I can expect from your support after I buy it...sigh. Do I have to go on my knees begging for an answer?

    I also don't understand why you're secretive about  upgrade pricing. I want to get some indication what I can expect from going from version 3 to 4, so in that context I want to see on your site what the upgrade pricing for Hitfilm 2 customers is who want to buy Hitfilm 3.  Only people who actually own a Hitfilm 2 product can see the pricing in their account, but why are you hiding these prices for new customers like me? Is it because they're rather disappointing and might encourage me not to buy Hitfilm 3 Pro?

    If you want to sell your product, then you seriously need to work on your pre-sales skills, because right now I'm close to buying a competing product, even if it means that I'll be paying a lot more.

    Bye, I'm done here.









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    @SteveMorse, your original post didn't convey that you had any computer knowledge other than being able to read a sales broucher. Andy took the time to try to help you, if you choose to be belittled by his post then I feel sorry for you. Maybe if you were a bit more laid back then others may feel inclined to help. That's just my 2c worth, take it or leave it.

    As for your actual query, my laptop with a slow HDD takes ~7 seconds. My PC has a SSD so next time I use it I'll take note.


  • RobinRobin Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,671 Enthusiast

    Wow, that's an attitude. And no, those two pieces of information on your system are far from enough to just make a guess about startup time. There are other things to consider, like available RAM, additional hard drives besides your SSD, other programs runnnig at the time, even your OS (though I assume you're on windows as I don't think you'll easily get a Mac with an intel K processor). Sorry to say that, but just you seemingly being some sort of a professional computer expert doesn't magically fix all our broken crystal balls.

    Just to show that all this matters (and to give some reference that might be useful to you, as you've asked for it), my HitFilm startup time varies - I'm on an i7-4770K, also fast SSD to which all programs are installed to. So a system quite similar to yours, as far as you can judge from just those two things (which isn't very far, but you've given us nothing more to work with). But I also have an older HDD in there, which at times is not used, and when it is, it takes considerable time to get up to speed. HitFilm, though starting from the SSD, also seems to need the HDD. I can almost always see the hitfilm window after 4 seconds at most, but until the content of the start page is displayed it takes anywhere from instantly after those 4 seconds up to more than 14 seconds, depending on whether my HDD was already spinning or not.

    By the way, I'm curious what other multimedia software you've installed - Most Adobe products (CC versions) as well as Sony Vegas take a good while longer to start up than HitFilm.

    Oh, and just one final remark, this is a forum, and not a technical support site. So if you're hoping to crowdsource possible problem solutions, new techniques or just chat with friendly people, you're in the right place. But if you just want one technical question answered specifically by the developers, you're better off by submitting a support ticket - there you are guaranteed to get an answer from someone of the staff.

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    Don't give @SteveMorse anymore of your attention. He deserves none of it. He said "Bye, I'm done here." 

    Let it go and you'll be better off. 

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    @SteveMorse No you don't have to go begging on your knees for an answer but this is a user forum not a developer or even a support forum. Since you seem to want specific support answers from the developer may I suggest using the support channel to actually contact the developer? Once logged into your account you can go to https://hitfilm.com/questions/submit where you can submit your questions to Technical Support, Sales or Customer Service.

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