Can only export 30 seconds of video? [Resolved]

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I filmed a gaming video last night and decided to edit it today and now it's finished but when I tried to export it it came up with a window saying that I can only export a video with a max of 30 seconds of footage, my video was roughly 16 minutes long. I want to know how I can change this otherwise what's the point of using this editor if I can't use it for what  need.


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    Your software is still in demo mode. Click your own name to go to your profile. From there, click on Software. That should show you your serial number. From there, add the serial in the Activation tab of the File>Options menu. 

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    Were is my name at?

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    @alexcam2add2is7 - Your screen name- right above your last entry. :^)         

    Or one can click on the menu button in the upper right hand corner of this page and select "Account".

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    Thanks this worked. you're a life-saver

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    I activated Hit film 3 express and it still will only give me 30 seconds to edit how do I fix this

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    @8520 sounds like you're creating Composite Shots here. New Composite Shots default to 30 seconds. You can either input a new time when creating the comp in format Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames or, near the lower left of a Composite Shot's layer stack is a gear icon. Click this and you can edit the Composite Shot length. 

    Note Composite Shots are intended to create single shots that require heavy effects work. The Editor Timeline is where one assembles multiple shots into a project. The Editor Timeline has no defined length. 

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    It says that I have to pay to activate my account... Help me


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    @EF11 - where does it say that? What exactly does it say? Which software are you using?

    HitFilm 4 Express is free to activate, all you need is the free serial code that is supplied when you register. HitFilm 4 Pro must be purchased to get the serial you need for activation.

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    Hi, I didn't get a serial and I checked under menu and all that. Where do I get the serial?

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    Go to the Express page  and click Get HitFilm 4 Express for Free at the bottom of the page. Click one of the share options (you don't have to share you can just close the pop up) then instead of creating a new account click the Sign In tab and sign in. A serial will be assigned to your account. 

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    I did all of this above, but it says that my serial number is not valid.  I sent you guys a help request a month ago and still have not had a response.  I am having the issues.  I did use two compositie shots to add text.  I do not know if there is another way to do that as I am new and still unfamiliar with all of the tools of Hitfilm Express 4.  What can I do to upload my video to youtube when it says the video has to be 30 seconds or shorter and it says the code does not work?

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    Remote Desktop Connection and let someone login to see how to resolve this.

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    @clantz06 while I cannot go into specifics here for privacy reasons, I can see that your ticket has been responded to, both times within a few hours of receiving the enquiry. You can see the responses in Your Account (bottom of page). If you have not received the email notifications, please check your spam folder.

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