Text Backdrop Glitches

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This is a strange problem that really only effects my efficiency, but it does so very effectively. All of my tabs whether it be my effects folders or the dropdown areas for each track, have a "shadow" of text overlapping with it and making it hard to see where on earth I need to click.

I run an Alienware 15 ANW15 15.6 in 4K UHD IPS-Panel TouchScreen Laptop. I had a resolution problem earlier that was fixed when I changed my resolution from 3840x2160 to 1920x1080 and changed the display adapter properties.

This problem existed before I had fixed the earlier glitch. I would be delighted if anyone knew what this problem was.

Here's a link to a few images of what I'm describing.




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    That's very unusual and you should just file a support ticket on the support page for the site. That's totally a bug. 

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