Does HitFilm have anything like 'warp stabilizer'?

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does hit film have anything like "warp stabilizer" in after effects. I know it can be done in mocha but it seems this is automatic.


  • Andy001z
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    I'd like to know too, Simon (I think) did a tutorial which talked about Stablizing a shot in post, but I never seem to get the how to do it. I think its something to do with tracking but lost after that.

  • DreamArchitect
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    If i remember right you have to 2d track the footage first. There is then an option in the tracking somewhere to say you want to use it for stabilisation.

    Guys Like @Triem23 probably know exactly what that option is. I don't have access to hitfilm Pro right this second so I can't check.

  • DreamArchitect
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    this link takes you to hitfilm's own tracking tutorials

  • Andy001z
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    @DreamArchitect I think its at the end of the 2D camera tracking one that it talks about stablisation but with little detail.

  • FilmTech
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    Ok so

    Step 1: Track your footage

    Step 2: Change the purpose from Transform to Stabilize

    Step 3: Choose what you want you want hitfilm to stabilize [X,Y Position, Scale, Rotation] and hit apply

    Step 5: Now go to your controls bar and go to Transform}Position. Then set your position the same as your anchor point.

    Step 6: Scale up your footage so you don't get any black in your shot.

    Hopefuly this answers your question.

  • Robin
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    @FilmTech describes the process that comes closes to a warp stabilizer. This is only stabilizing very basic movement, it won't actually warp the footage - it only adjusts transformation, scale and rotation of the video to make it as stable as possible by that.

  • Andy001z
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    @FilmTech thanks, that the ticket. I will try it out.

  • AKBouwens
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    sorry to pull up such an old thread, but I have a question about this. If you film with a gopro on your chest, you get shaky video as well. But you have nothing to track because the view is contantly moving as you bike/walk along. Is there a way to stabilize that? I have a piece of film that is moving left and right as I pedal my bike, almost makes me seasick when I watch it  :P. I use Hitfilm express 4 by the way....

  • NormanPCN
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    I use stabilization since my footage is a GoPro mounted to my mountain bike.

    All of the following options stabilize outside of Hitfilm and you use that footage in Hitfilm. I am fine with stabilization outside the editor. I would rather that work be done once outside the editor playback to keep playback as smooth as possible.

    I use the Prodad Mercalli stabilizer. Most definitely not free. Mercalli V4 does have features to reduce the cmos jello effect from harsh/fast vibrations/movement.

    Prodad Prodrenalin is a less expensive version with much less control than Mercalli.

    For free options

    ffmpeg has a stabilizer that works quite well from what tests I have done. Actually ffmpeg has two. One sucks and the other is good. I do have some commented Windows scripts to help use the ffmpeg stabilizer making it easy to use. Not free, but cheap and with a GUI frontend to ffmpeg and the stabilizer, we haveConvert V3/V4.  

    The Deshaker plug-in for Virtualdub supposedly works very well. I've never tried it.

    On a side note.

    When I stabilize bike footage I do not want rolls stabilized to level. The bike does lean in turns and I want to keep that in the video. Mercalli gives this control. ffmpeg can do this as well. Prodrenalin I think just fully stabilizes on all axes.

    The GoPro mount must be rock stable to get best footage. Most of the stock GoPro mounts have not clamped very well and induce their own vibration. For the Chest mount a friend of mine made and additional strap add on to hold that mount more stable than out of the box. The GoPro thumbscrew clamp mounts have never clamped as well as one wants bouncing through rocks. They induced extra vibration jello. Prodad is able to damp that cmos jello somewhat. Some of the newer more pricey GoPro mounts are SO much more stable. Knock offs on Amazon are cheaper. What I am saying is to get your mount/camera as stable as possible and you will likely find that the footage needs less software stabilization after the fact and no jello.

  • AKBouwens
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    Thx for the reply :)

  • Aladdin4d
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    +1 For Prodad Mercalli v4. It's worked very well for me. If you get it through the Prodrenalin store here:

    And use the coupon code MV4+ the price drops to $99.00. Still definitely not free but much better than $299.00.

    Deshaker can work very well and probably has the most control of anything listed (not entirely sure because I haven't tried anything with FFMpeg yet) but it can take quite a bit of fiddling around to get everything "just right" for your clips and it can be slow.


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