importing photoshop files

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i noticed that you can't import photoshop files into hitfilm, but you can into after effects. this makes perfect sense, seeing as it is all adobe software, but is there a photo format that still lets you keep all the layers separate?


  • Majahr
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    PSD-Import has already been requested and is part of the I/we hope, that this functionality will be implemented in a further version of HitFilm :D
  • Robin
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    I don't know of any other formats like PSD, but the photoshop format isn't a secret kept by adobe, seeing that software like picasa can also read psd files. so hopefully this will be implemented, would be a nice feature indeed!
  • I took a Photoshop file I had been using and saved it as a TIFF with transparency turned on and it went into HitFilm Standard really well. Looked really nice and sharp in the render.