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So I recently got this, and I would like to use it, but as a kid I do not have $300. I was told that I would sign in, and then it would be "activated". I made an account and signed in, made this really good 4 minute video, and when I go to export it, it will not let me export because I need to activate. Am I doing this wrong or do I need to buy the full version? Thank you.


  • Triem23
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    If you did tge video in Hitfilm Pro, that is the $300 version. Yes, you have to buy that, or it's demo mode is 30 seconds of output to YouTube. 

    Hitfilm Express is free. You can download that here. Express doesn't have everything in Pro, but you can still load your Pro project into Express. It will warn you if anything used a missing feature.


  • AxelWilkinson
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    HitFilm 3 Express is free, but it will also run in demo mode until you activate it using the free serial code we provide when you request the download. The serial code is always stored in your account, so you can easily find it any time you need to: http://hitfilm.com/account/software

  • Alphaviking
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    still got the 30 seconds problem also under hitfilm 3 express and its activated

  • AriMcScribbles
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    I'm having the same problem, I activated it as soon as i downloaded it and it wont let me do anything longer than 30 seconds 

  • Andy001z
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    Hi, one thing to double check is how you are sending stuff to be exported. You may be sending a composite shot to export which by default is limited to 30 seconds (I think). Or you might have set your IN/OUT markers in the editor window for only 30 seconds. On the left hand side of the editor layer window there is the EXPORT options, make sure you select entire contents and that your contents is not only limited to 30seconds.

  • Naddly
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    i am using Hitfilm 4 Express and when i put in my serial code it just says "your serial is only valid for Hitfilm Express what do i do? And if i try and do it the other way it just says you are in demo mode you can only up lode 30 seconds.

  • CleverTagline
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    @Naddly All new serial codes are for the latest version of HitFilm, which has no number or year in its name. It's just HitFilm Express, which is what that message you saw is talking about. It's also up to version 11, and has a LOT more stuff than 4. You can find the latest version here (scroll down a bit until you see the blue button that says "Download HitFilm Express Version 11.2"):


    On a side note, I'd really like to know what sites/articles out there are still pointing people to HitFilm 4 Express. Would you mind sharing where you found the link?

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