Problems with moving a clip (NLE)

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The documentation states for moving a clip...

"By holding the Alt key you can instead perform an insert edit. The moved clip slices the existing clips at the in point, then moves all the affected clips to the right to make room."

 This does not work as documented.

What Hitfilm actually does is as follows...

The Shift key modifier operates like the Alt key modifier is currently documented.

The Alt key modifier operates by copying the event and doing an overlay edit. This action is currently undocumented.

One can logically infer than then an Alt+Shift key modifier would do an insert edit with and event copy. It does not. It only operates like a Shift key modifier alone.

  1. The documentation is wrong with regards to the Alt key modifier. It should be Shift.
  2. The Alt modifier actually does a copy of the event with an overlay edit upon placement. This actual function of the Alt key modifier is undocumented.
  3. The logical inference from the above two actions is that the Alt+Shift key modifier would do an event  copy with and insert edit. It does not. In reality the copy operation is not performed, only the insert edit is performed, as if the Alt modifier were not pressed. Of course this final part is my personal logic. Hitfilm logic could be that the Alt+Shift combo is not logical. That Alt should only ever do an overlay edit. IMO an application should not ignore any keyboard modifiers. In this case Alt. If a specific keyboard modifier combination has no special meaning then the app should not do an action by recognizing the modifier it recognizes and ignore one(s) it does not. In this case Alt. Pedantically Shift does not equal Alt+Shift, Ctrl+Shift or Ctrl+Alt+Shift. All are distinct and unique. Again, that is my opinion as a developer.

Hopefully I have tested and documented this properly and not executed foot in mouth disease but I am human. Apologies for inserting personal opinion in place(s) but is comes with the package. ;-)


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    Well if no personal opinion was ever involved there wouldn't be any need for discussion over UX at all, so I guess the personal opinions of the users is some of the most valuable info software developers can get ;)

    I barely use the editor at all and can't try it at work, so I can't comment on if it works this way, but if it does I agree, that's counter-intuitive for users using those features.

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    What I like about Hitfilm is the soup to nuts abilities it as. NLE and effects compositor that are tightly and cleanly integrated and a very large effects library. In my mind somewhat unique and special. So I am interested in the NLE. Hopefully Hitfilm does not look at it as the forgotten child since its workflow is pretty functional but fiddly.

    I have no problem speaking up about what I think are good ideas and logic. Hopefully, being selfish, for me, the Hitfilm folks think some things are good ideas.

    We talked some software development in another thread. Over the decades it amazes me how people don't speak up. I can understand how experience can weigh on people. Most companies have a brick wall (black hole) between users and development, but with our company we were different, they knew us/me directly, gots fixes the next day via email or floppy in the mail in pre-email days, and yet at that level of support and interactions people still would not speak up about suggestions.

    One example. A customer with Surveying software that ran on Windows via our compiler, and the Mac via other compiler (P1), contracted us to develop a scripting language as they were getting lots of requests for script programmability. For years they had this special process to generate separate compilable source the separate compilers. Well, I had the duty to make the script engine work on both so would have to deal with compiler differences. I was not going to put up with that. Not when I could do something about it. So I spent one day adding tweaks and redundant overlapping extensions to our compiler such that the process they used was no longer needed. One day. Years, and Fons never asked us or P1 if there was some way to make interoperation trivial, easy or at least easier.

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    I think I also posted this before.
    You and I are probably a few who actually tries to use hitfilm for video editing :D

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    Well, at my company we're in the special position to originally have written the software we develop for ourselves (we're primarily a service provider, not a software developer), and only after customers saw what we were doing they asked if the software could also be licensed to them. Therefore we always worked directly together with the people that were using the software, we're still sitting on the same floor as them, and they give us feedback very actively - we don't even have the resources to come after all features/remarks we are getting about the software. Doing our best though 

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