Hitfilm 3 Express is making longer videos than what it is suppose to be.

I'm new to Hitfilm 3 Express. When I went to edit a video together to upload and went to export, it said I had a 14 minute video! The actual video I put together is only like 6 minutes long. I have a good computer. Someone please help!!


  • SimonKJones
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    The first thing to check is your 'Export area' setting on the export screen.

    'Entire timeline' will export the entire timeline, regardless of how much content is there. So if your timeline happens to be 14 minutes long but you only have 6 minutes of video on it, you'll get a 14 minute video with black on the end.

    'Work area' exports only the area you manually specify by setting the work area. You can set the work area by pressing I (in point) and O (out point) at the desired frames.

    'Content area' automatically exports only the section of the timeline containing actual content. It won't export empty space at the end.


  • Robin
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    One additional thing to keep in mind is that the Editor timeline automatically extends to accommodate to the new content. So there either is no "Entire timeline" option for the editor timeline, or it does the same as content area, not quite sure right now which is the case. But either way, you should be fine by choosing "Content area".

  • Thank you guys so much. For some reason it switched, that didn't happen on my first video. It worked, thanks!

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