Vegas integration/interoperability, denoiser, Multiple software workflow, export codecs, QT

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First I would congrat HF team for their great job & building very good tools.

However   ... 

I will only talk about one feature I judge really great, efficient, wonderfull.... but very problematic if we have a multi-software workflow and are not editing in HFP3 : the new magic denoiser.

As it should take place before CC, it's necessarly in front of workflow chain... but especially for PC/Vegas Pro users we suffer double problem of

  • Breaking Sony Vegas P13 suite marvelous (for keeping things organized & simple) HF3P integration/interoperability... indeed adding denoiser effect on a Vegas clip breaks the media link (the media gets disconnected and can't be recovered) whatever we do... even when not using temporal denoising (ie analysing on one single frame) ... so I don't anderstand, even if it uses OFX interface, and OFX host allows only access frame by frame (I don't know), why it doesn't work   ... and even if openFx Host is a too much constrainting factor, doesn't have HFP3 more possibilities with Vegas than normal OFX host ?
  • And for a manual export workaround within HFP3 we don't have serious export option for an intermediate codec like DnxHR, Cineform or ProRes....  Avi uncompressed + reencode is too boring if feasable at all due to generated files sizes, else we get a free lossy transcode passing by h264 (even 5.x HQ) that is a delivery format... not really huge choice panel for balancing storage size/quality/encoding time/ease of use

So I have some technical questions to identify the problem and anderstand clearly what's going in the "black box" (mainly for determining my workflow and control potentialy hidden transcode quality loss in rendering pipeline when launched in Vegas) :

  • When we render an hitfilm clip in Vegas how is manipulated video stream for rendering ? Vegas gives (uncompressed) Frame by Frame and Hitfilm responds with (?? uncompressed ??) corresponding Frame 1by1 that Vegas uses for render encoding ? idem what behavior in preview ? Is it a rendering/preview problem or both linked as same process ?
  • It seems a bit strange to my eyes cause we can work on Hitfilm project as usual. HF has access to project files so whatever it could potentially cache calculation for either preview or rendering at least for the number of frame selected in denoiser. Even if that's CPU/GPU/Memory consuming it could be a settings option at least... or is it a Vegas issue ?

About export codec options, personnaly I wouldn't care much if (and only if) when used in Vegas project HF & Vegas communicate through a clean uncompressed video channel and only Vegas has the role/responsability for encoding (as Vegas can potentialy encode DnxHR and Cineform free, even Prores with *not free* 3rd party with Quicktime plugins even 32 bit in an 64 bits app  .. I guess 64/32 Procs can communicate )

Finaly do you plan to solve Hitfilm integration in Vegas for denoiser ?

Incidentally do you plan to support other codecs exports (like DnxHR/HD) through your own standalone module or giving access to an encoder container like Quicktime (I know that QT7 is in end of life and we have few visibility about QT10 Mac/?Future Win version? and marketing/software designs of MAC/Win 10 ... that could also impact your decision making and wich way you choose to invest dev energy).

Thanks in advance for your clarifications.


PS :

I shoot mainly 4k with GH4, Hero 4 Black, and want to maintain a 4k HQ pipeline in my workflow using Vegas/Resolve 12 Lite/HFP3. 

Config : i7, 16GB Ram, GeForce GTX970 3GB, SSD 500GB dedicated for current project, Win 7, HFP3, SV P13 all up to date

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