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Finding Help

If you're having a technical issue with HitFilm please check the Common Solutions below before posting. If you need official support from the HitFilm team, please head over to Support.

Q. I downloaded the Demo installer, but I’m told that it is not a valid 32bit application. Where can I download the 32bit installer?

A. HitFilm 2 Ultimate & Express are 64bit applications only, therefore they will only work a 64bit Operating System. If you are unsure of whether your system is 32 or 64bit, you can check by following the instructions in this link.

Q. I receive an error stating "Error 1005. Could not start guard process” How do I correct this?

A. Are you using the Zonealarm Firewall software? If so, please disable the Firewall software & try the software again. Also please make sure HitFilm has full access through your firewall.

Q. I receive an error stating "OpenGL version must be 2.0 or higher OpenGLSL version must be 1.2 or higher. The monitor must be running in True Color (32-bit)" How do I correct this?

A. Firstly please check you meet the Minimum Requirements. If you do & the problem persists then please update the drivers for your Graphics Card from the links below:

Latest Nvidia Driver: 335.23

Latest AMD Driver: (5000 Series & above) 14.4 (4000 series & below) 13.1

Latest Intel Driver: Intel HD 3000 - 15.​28.​22.​64.​3517 Intel HD 4000 - 15.​33.​18.​64.​3496

Q. The Auto Light Flares & Light Flares Plug-ins are missing after updating my drivers, why is this?
A. This issue was resolved with an update to the software, please make sure you are running the very latest version of HitFilm 2 (2.0.3010.30403) & the HitFilm Plug-ins (1.0.2930.37426) which contains the fix for this issue. You can download the latest installers from your account 24/7 here.
Q. When attempting to create a New Project, I am shown an Error Message that the program has been forced to close. Why is this?

A. The message shown is due to a conflict with Avast anti-virus, if you disable the anti-virus the software will launch & behaviour correctly. We are currently working with Avast in order to solve this issue, in the meantime we recommend using Microsoft Security Essentials for you anti-virus needs.

Q. I receive the error “The audio mixing and playback engine could not be initialized. Cannot open cache folder path”. What does this mean & how do I correct it?

A. You are seeing this error because the 'Media Cache Folder' cannot be accessed. You have most likely changed this in the Options menu within HitFilm to an external drive or a drive that is no longer present. Please raise a Support Ticket so that we can guide you through the process on how to reset this.

Q. When attempting to Export from HitFilm, the progress bar freezes.

A. Some types of Anti-Virus have been reported to conflict with HitFilm during the Export process. They are BitDefender & AVG, please make sure that HitFilm is added to any 'Safe Lists' present in your chosen Anti-Virus program.

Q. I experience poor performance when using lots of .MOV files, why is this?

A. QuickTime on Windows is a 32bit application, there is no 64bit version, and because of this the memory limit for the application can be hit by importing lots of .MOV files.

A temporary fix for this if they are using the h.264 codec is to back-up the .MOV files & rename them to .MP4, this way you can bypass the QuickTime limitation & import more files.

We realise this is not a particularly helpful or efficient way of doing things; we are actively looking into other ways to handle lots of QuickTime files.

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