Uninstall requires the original .msi files which I no longer have?

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i can't express just how absolutely livid i am that they've designed things in such a way that i need to have the original installer .msi in order to uninstall the program... WHY would they do that???

anyway, after an irate email to support, i got an utterly useless response back so i'm on my own.

anyone have a link to:

HitfilmPlugins 3.1.4016.38036x64.msi




i admit that my support request was irate but their completely worthless response back was one hell of a way to provoke an escalation. that really the plan? if they wanted to make me an enemy, they're doing a bang up job.



  • DreamArchitect
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    You should be able to download the MSI's from your account given you have the software already and so I assume have a legitimate account on hitfilm.com. There is no need to get any links from anyone else. 

  • jinchoung
    jinchoung Website User Posts: 55

    the only available download is for the LATEST .msi. i'm trying to uninstall a PREVIOUS version.

  • Triem23
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    Dare I suggest you apply the most recent update, which would give you the current .msi, and THEN uninstall? 

  • jinchoung
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    one would think, wouldn't one?

    but noooooooooo... i am at a state where i cannot install the new version - it prompts me for the old installer. i am completely stuck because of this installer.

  • Ady
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    jinchoung -

    We have now sent you the old installer so you can correct the issue on your system.

    But it should be noted that the .MSI is not a custom installer, it's a standard default Windows installer & it is not required to uninstall the software. Windows keeps a copy of all .MSI's inside the C:\Windows directory in a secure location, if this is modified or damaged in any way this could result in the error message you received.

    "the feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable" 

    There are a few fixes available to this problem but as you're running Windows 10, some of them may not work or be relevant.

    Microsoft Install & Uninstall Repair Tool (External link to the Microsoft Website)

    (This doesn't work on Windows 10 at the moment I'm afraid though)

    As your issue has now been resolved this thread will be closed.

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