How can I turn pond ripples into waves?

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I have been experimenting with the pond ripple effect which is pretty slick to be sure. I understand how it is supposed to be used but not sure if it is possible to turn ripples into waves. I assume not. I did find this thread concerning the techniques on how to make water:

From the conversation I'm lead to believe it is possible to make procedural water from Caustics. Early on in the conversation there where a couple of files available for dissection but they are no longer accessible. If I followed the general instructions laid out by Patrick would I be able to create a wave effect of sorts?

Ripples are cool if you want bubbles, so to speak, as I tried to do here with my liquid methane lake.

I follow part 2 of Hitfilm's tutorial using the projector to apply apply 2D effects to a 3D surface but I'd like to add a more wave effect. If I'm on the right track with the "how to make water" thread I'd like to give it a whack but don't want to burn time on a process that won't work. (Although trail and error is the only way to learn)

Any advice would be appreciated.



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    Take a look near the end of the water thread, where I left a somewhat detailed breakdown of how the effect works. Since the key to the effect is making a grey scale height map, you can use pond ripples to make a height map. In the making water thread I have an animation with a buoy. It's notable because it shows how you can use ripples on height maps, and it  also shows what happens if you push TOO far. You can get a certain amount of wave action from caustics, but not breaking waves. Sorry, my computer is down. I can't put up a project. 

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    No worries @Triem23. I wasn't looking to get a hold of the example as I'm sure I can flesh through it with the comments you left in the other thread.

    Thanks as always.

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