Short Sci-Fi action scene

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Hey guys,

My very first sci-fi action scene.
My brother is testing our new plasma gun and teleport watch! They're awesome!
Teleport is inspired by Prism and the FXhome prism teleport tutorial.
Edited with Hitfilm Ultimate.
Shot with Eos 550d


  • Oh yeah, next time I'll shoot outdoor with more light :))
  • Froi
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    Here's an idea.... Include some environmental impact from the muzzle flash, eg... Duplicate base layer and colour it to the colour of the flash, then go to the layer above and mask through it on the areas where you'd see a glow, like the Walls, your face etc.... Then fade the glow out over a couple of frames, and there you go! :)) That's what I do in my films, and it does make a difference, not much, but it looks more realistic, ;)
    (it looks like you have done, but maybe a bit more, and coloured the same as the muzzle flash) :))
  • Hey, thanks for the reaction.
    I actually did the duplicating but as you said, I didn't fade it out. Thanks for this, definitely going to use that in the future. B-)
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    Yeah I noticed a bit on the cheek and around, :P
  • Good effects. Post more.
  • spydurhank
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    Very cool, just needs a tad bit of color correction so that the muzzle flash and particles match the lighting of your scene, the particles also need a bit of motion blur. Looks awesome though so good job. :D
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    Thanks for your reaction spydurhank:)
    For the particles I used the blur effect and not the motion blur option because Hitfilm becomes really really slow when I enable motion blur.
    Anyone knows if this will be updated? I have a pretty good computer(see signature) and everything in hitfilm runs really smooth, except the motion blur option.
    Thanks in advance.