Can you track with HitFilm 3 Express? (also masks & effects)

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I was just taking my first stab at tracking in Hitfilm 3 Express. I was following the tutorial video, but when I need to click on the "plus" symbol next to the tracking option on the timeline it does not appear there as in the video. Also the little arrow to the left of the word "tracking" is grayed out as are the two options below of masks and effects. None will allow me to open them or select them. I am sure there is a simple explanation, but after fighting it a couple of hours I am  frustrated and ready for some help. Any help our there somewhere?


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    What type of layer are you working with, is it video? Check to see if you are scrolled all the way to the right, in the Layer name section of the timeline. On smaller resolution screens, in certain interface configurations, the + sign could be scrolled out of view.

    As far as the Masks and Effects being greyed out, that sounds like you are dealing with a 3D Unrolled layer. In which case, you can either convert it to 2D or 3D Plane layer to add masks and effects, or you can embed it in a composite shot, and add the masks or effects to that.

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    Well, first of all thank you for getting back to me and doing it so quickly. Secondly, I had a feeling that it would be something simple and I would feel like an idiot when I was told what it was. I don't really feel like an idiot, but it was a pretty simple solution. I didn't realize that the margin was adjustable on the right side and the little plus symbol was hiding just over the edge. Expanded my margins and there it was. All is fixed. Thanks again, and thanks for Hitfilm!

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    Please help me, im using express 3 but the tutorial videos are outdated. Can you find the + sign on a macbook pro 15"? No matter how much I drag/extend the track/timeline, there is no + sign.  I wish there was an updated tutorial of stabilizing footage in hitfilm express 3.

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    Your footage has to be in a composite shot first before you can track so if it's on the Edit timeline highlight it and click Make Composite Shot. In the composite shot expand the layer controls and that's where you'll find Track and the Plus sign. It's the same as HitFilm 3 and 4 Pro so if the tutorial you're watching talks about a Plus then it's still current.

    Older tutorials will talk about Push Pins. Push Pins were replaced by the Plus but other than that GUI change there isn't any other difference.

  • AxelWilkinson
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    @theresonating - This video covers tracking and stabilizing (around 2:30), and was created in HitFilm 3 Pro, which has the exact same interface as HitFilm 3 Express:

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