Problems with Thai language fonts?

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I have problem with thai language fonts but in english typing is ok. For the thai language fonts problem when I have switched to typing  thai character on the keyboard for example typing thai but same as the english language keys such as "W", "E", "R" , "T" , "V" it always jump to shortcut key by replace. I have no problem in this case with premiere pro. 

Please consider to fix this issue.

Thank you.


  • AnatolySkugarovAnatolySkugarov Website User Posts: 1


    Anatoly from Russia reporting.

    Also faced this issue with typing the Cyrillic characters. OS is Win 10.

    As workaround, I type Cyrillic text in notepad then just copy-paste into Text Edit box of HitFilm Express.

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    You might have to do the workaround Anatoly suggests. Currently, Hitfilm only supports Unicode characters 0-255, which are all roman (western) characters. 

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