When I put anything into any tracks I get huge amounts of lag

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Hey everyone!

I was not sure if this would be in the issue reporting tab, because it is in my film. But the problem has just started happening recently. A couple of days ago I opened HitFilm 3 express preparing to edit a video, but it took a long time to open the video and audio in their tracks. But I soon realized that this was not just happening for the video files, but any file i tried to put into the tracks. The issue is still occurring and I am not sure how to fix it. The only thing that I could think that is making it occur, is at about the same time I changed the FPS that I recorded my video in from 50 to 60. But the intro is in 24FPS, but the issue still happens with my intro. Thank you!


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    Does this also happen if you create a new project? Or only in your saved project?

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    This happens in either, if I create a new project, or if it is already saved. 

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    JoePar - Sorry you are having trouble with the software.

    Could you tell me a little about your setup please?


    Could you also tell me what type of footage you are using & in which codec?


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    OS: Windows 8 

    CPU: i7 4790k

    GPU: GTX 970 FTW+

    RAM: 16 GB ddr3 1600mhz


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    Hi @JoePar welcome to the Hitfilm community, sorry you are having issues. Is your GPU driver up to date, Hitfilm can suffer if not, but that looks a reasonible card. Overall a nice looking system spec (Jealous). You mention other media slowing it down, have you tried just loading in a JPG image and applying effects on that? Or just having a new composit with no media just a layer added and effects on that, what does that do, if you are still getting the lag?


  • JoeParJoePar Website User Posts: 4

    Yes my GPU drivers are up to date, and it lags when adding anything into it and putting effects onto it.

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    JoePar - You forgot to answer the second part of Ady's question- "...what type of footage you are using & in which codec?"

    Your system specs are great so it's probably something else. I have similar specs and I haven't had too much lag- only when I overload a project with tons of effects. So I suspect it might be the footage you're using or the codec.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,307 Ambassador

    To expand a bit on what Stormy wrote, your footage is probably mp4, which is a codec designed for final playback, not for editing. Any NLE will suffer from a certain amount of lag with mp4. Hitfilm is worse than some. 

    To oversimplify a bit, mp4 squeezes files as small as possible at the cost of requiring a lot of computer power to decode. Mp4 video only stores a complete image every 90, 120 or 150 frames and uses interpolation for every other frame. This means to display frame 47, Hitfilm has to look  at frames 0-89 (or maybe frames 0-149) to display frame 47. Hence, lag. 

    For Windows, FxHome recommends converting your footage into a Quicktime (.mov) file encoded in the DNxHD codec. 

    DNxHD is a free download, and you can use other free tools like MPEG Streamclip to do the conversion. Your files will take up a lot more drive space, but will respond much faster in Hitfilm because DNxHD will store more complete frames and use lower compression, allowing the file to decode faster. 

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    @JoePar, hmm Anything so NOT when just using a plain or is the "Anything" as any type of effects added to the composite shot regardless of if media is added or not.?

    The Codec question is ill-relevant if your not using an Media (video or picture files) and it still lags, that is a problem with who HF3 is talking to your hardware. If so, might I suggest booting up your windows without loading all the start-up options (Safe mode +) and see if it still happens. Maybe you have something loaded that is getting in the way of Hitfilm.Can I ask do you run games on your PC, if so do they perform fine? If not then get a benchmarker to test your hardware.

    Good luck.

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