HitFilm Speeding up Video Files for no Reason?

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Hey guys, quick question. I'm working on a video that includes a couple of screen recordings (recorded using Microsoft Expression Encoder 4). One recording is 7.5 minutes long, and the other is 4 minutes long. However, when I import the clips into HitFilm, they show everywhere, the media bin, the trimmer, and the timeline, to be 4.5 minutes and 2.5 minutes long. Given my super duper fancy calculations, this means that the clips are being sped up to about 5/8 of their original length.

If anyone knows why this is happening, input is greatly appreciated.


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    Sounds like you might be the victim of variable frame rate encoding. I would try transcoding the clips making sure to force a constant frame rate.

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    Aladdin narrowed down the most likely problem. A lot of screen capture software (also phones and tablets) record variable frame rate, which Hitfilm doesn't like. You can use free software like Handbrake or MPEG Streamclip, or paid software like PavTube to transcode your footage to a constant frame rate before import to Hitfilm. 

    The other thing to check is that your media and project settings match. If, for example you have 24 fps footage on a 30 fps timeline the footage will play at the wrong speed. 

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    The free MediaInfo utility is a great program to show media file technical specs. You can detect if a file is variable frame rate.

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