Hitfilm 3 Express Camera Shake Effect?

Is there any way to create a camera shake effect in hitfilm 3 express? For example, if an explosion went off or someone got slammed into the ground? Any answers will be much appriciated! :)


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    Chasehartman7 - To create a shake effect, without having the specific effect available, you'll have to do it manually. First, resize your footage so it's a little bigger than the viewer; this will allow you to move the video to create the shake effect. How large you make it will be dependent upon how much shake you want. Once the video is resized, go to the transform properties and click on the circle next to Position. By clicking on the circle a key frame is placed in the layer panel- this is your starting point. Next, advance one or a couple frames and move the video's position with the anchor point- up, down, left, right doesn't really matter, just so you don't reveal the edge of the video. Then advance 1 frame and move the anchor point in a totally different direction from the first time and you'll see a key frame is placed each time you move the anchor point. Then advance a frame or two and adjust the position of the anchor point again. Now if you manage to go 10, 20, 30 frames doing this, you can copy and paste key frames to save time and it shouldn't be noticeable that there's a repeat in the pattern if it's quick enough. Create or copy enough to cover the time that you want the shake to occur and if you want the video to stop shaking to the same position it started in, just copy the first key frame and paste it after the last key frame of shaking. You can also space out the key frames if you want slower shake. Hopefully this makes sense but you should pick up on the instruction once you start getting into it.

    Hope this helps! Let us know how it goes. And if you want the specific shake effect along with a bunch of other cool effects, check out the Destruction pack in the HitFilm store accessible through this website's menu in the upper right hand corner.

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    @StormyKnights This approach will work, though it might take you some time to get a realistic shake that's not feeling "unreal". There is another, a little less manual option - the first one would be to film an actual camera shake, track it's movement with the point tracker in HitFilm, and apply that tracking data to the clip that you want to be shaken.

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    Basically this shows what Robin said.

  • RobinRobin Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,671 Enthusiast

    Yeah, that's exactly what I described. Good find! It's shown in after effects here, but just replace "null" with "point" and everything works the same in HitFilm.

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     Thank you guys for your replies! I'll try both of these methods, and check out the destructive pack! :]

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