HitFilm crashes on export on a Mac (+ workaround)

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I'm about to share a workaround for that issue which I reported to the technical support and they will hopefully fix it.

The problem is the following: I'm adding a simple video and hit Export. After I enter the name of the file it displays the progress dialog and HitFilm crashes (exits without any notice).

This happens on any project. I remember I updated the Cuda drivers some time ago but HitFilm was working. Maybe I have restarted the machine prior the current case so it stopped working. Not sure.

I'm with OS X 10.8.5 and I'm using HitFilm 3 Pro. I found that export works fine on a new OS account.

The interesting thing is that it works on a new account UNLESS I give it a different folder location than the default one.

Usually the first time a Save dialog is displayed in an application in OS X the dialog is in compact view. If you click on the "down arrow" on the right of the file name it gets to its normal view and you can change the destination folder. If you confirm the save dialog changes in the NORMAL view, it crashes. However I clicked the "up arrow" on the right of the file name so the save dialog is back to its compact form and MIRACLE! HitFilm exported the project.

The workaround is really weird but at least works.

I decided to share it with you guys until HitFilm developers fix the issue (I hope so).

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