Problem with wrong mouse cursor being displayed

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Windows 7 64-bit 16GB ram, AMD 7950 3GM ram driver 15.7.1, Hitfilm 3 Pro

  1. Open any project
  2. In this example, use Compositing layout
  3. Bring up some effect(s), particle sim, just something in the controls panel.
  4. Left click a field that you can enter a numeric value.
  5. Move the mouse off the data entry field and into a the media panel for this demonstration. The mouse cursor changes from left/right to the normal pointer.
  6. Now type a number and press enter.
  7. The mouse cursor is now changed to the left/right arrow resize cursor and it will stay that way over much of the UI. It should be the normal pointer cursor.

Hopefully that is enough description to reproduce. I cannot show screenshots since printscreen does not capture the mouse cursor.


  1. Do not move the mouse cursor off the data entry field before finishing your entry. aka press enter or tab.
  2. Whip the mouse around the screen. Certain other portions of the UI will reset the cursor state back to what it should be. The resize bar between the controls panel and the other panels in composite layout is a location that will reset the cursor back to normal.

You only get bit by this if, after keyboard entry, the mouse stays away from the controls panel. Like going to the viewer UI buttons, and anything in the timeline. The viewer proper seems to set it's own cursor but preserves the previously bad cursor state.

This wrong mouse cursor is fingernails on chalk. Visually distracting, annoying but no physical harm is being done. Hopefully it can be fixed.


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