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I'm making a "lets play" channel and I'm having trouble with one video for some reason. The video is about 29 minutes long with two audio tracks. There are a couple of other episodes of similar length that exported at around 40GBs but this episode comes out at about 300GBs every time. I'm dealing with 60fps video in full HD so I realise that the files will not be small but this is just ridiculous so something is clearly wrong. 


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    What export option are you using?

    What options for the above selected export encoding option are you using?

    Windows or Mac?

    For example. With the AVC/H.264 option the output file size is controlled by the average bitrate chosen in the settings.

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    I'm on Windows

    I'll just list in the order the settings appear if that's ok?

    AVI (H.264 doesn't support 60fps at 1080p)

    Content area

    Export Video and Audio




    Keep Aspect ratio (I know this is unchangeable in these settings but I'll list anyway)


    Non-interlaced (Progressive)




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    Ahhhh that explains a bit! When HitFilm exports to AVI it's uncompressed so that's why your file size goes up so much and 300GB sounds about right for that project.

    HitFilm does allow 60fps @1080p using H.264 compression but you have to change the level setting to 4.2 because level 4, the default, doesn't allow more than 30fps

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    Thank you so much! I'm trying it now.

  • SamuelDMJones
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    I just don't understand why it worked for all the other episodes.

  • SamuelDMJones
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    The setting you suggested worked really well and it's solved quite a few problems for me. Thanks a bunch!

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