Can't Import AVCHD from Disc Drive after Purchasing "Premium Formats."

LibertyPastorLibertyPastor Website User Posts: 3
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I purchased the "Premium Formats" pack in order to import AVCHD files from a disc drive; however, the software won't let me select the files for import.

Am I missing a step?

MacBook Pro, 10.10.2, 4GB Memory



  • StormyKnightStormyKnight Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 2,726 Ambassador
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    I'm not familiar with the 'Premium Formats' pack (or MacBook) but off the top of my head- have you tried putting the clips on your hard drive first? Not sure if that would make a difference or not. Try just one file first and see if it makes a difference. If not, all I can say is, I tried.  :^) Hopefully someone will have a better answer.

  • LibertyPastorLibertyPastor Website User Posts: 3

    Thanks StormyKnight for the reply.   I did try that to no avail.  I'm finding AVCHD very weird.  All the clips are in one file and not shown separately.  QuickTime separates them but won't let you move them from file to file.  Final Cut and iMovie  process them, so I know the system can handle it...

  • StormyKnightStormyKnight Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 2,726 Ambassador
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    That is very strange. Hopefully, someone on the HF staff will chime in soon.

    Have you seen this thread? Not to excuse the Premium Formats pack but maybe you can glean some helpful info.....unless you have already seen it.  ;^)

  • BobDiMarzioBobDiMarzio Website User Posts: 632 Just Starting Out
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    Hmmm, I'm on a windows machine and I can load and edit AVCHD files in Hitfilm express.  The files are from a Sony HDR-XR-160 Camcorder and the file extension is MTS.   However, Express  won't accept the  Dolby audio without the purchase of the premium pack.   Since I also have Hitfilm Pro 3 this is not an issue.  I had to check it it would load and edit since until today, I usually would not edit the AVCHD files since they are mega compressed, interlaced etc.  I use Cliptoolz (free) to convert to DNxHD.   Cliptoolz will also convert to the popular  QT formats.


  • RobinRobin Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,671 Enthusiast

    What you're describing sounds weird, I can't imagine how a codec (which avchd is) would combine multiple video clips into one file, without just creating one normal video file having them one after another. Are you sure the files aren't just in some sort of packed format, like zip, rar or the likes? If so, you'll have to unpack the file first with a program like peazip or 7zip.

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    Thanks all for the replies.  I'll have to look into the programs you mentioned for accessing acvhd.  However, I did hope the Premium Pack would be the tool to do that.  I'll keep kicking around for other solutions. 


  • emma24xiaemma24xia Website User Posts: 85

    Which version of Hitfilm did you have? I checked the supported video formats for Hitfilm 3 Pro and AVCHD should be accepted. Anyway, maybe change the AVCHD to Hitfilm best supported video file would be a better choice. Avid DNxHD contained in .mov files is probably your best option for quality and performance.

  • MarcinMarcin Website User Posts: 132 Just Starting Out
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    I had two AVCHD cameras and both recorded a single clip in a separate file (.mts extension).

    Hitfilm imports this footage without problems, just sound is not accessible, if opened in demo version or HF3E without premium formats support.

  • CedricBonnierCedricBonnier Staff Administrator, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,189 Staff

    Hi @LibertyPastor, would you be able to upload one of your videos that fail to import so that we can have a look here? I'm sorry you are experiencing difficulties but as mentioned by others, AVCHD files are supposed to work in HF3 Express. The premium formats pack allows you to play MPEG2 videos and Dolby AC3 sound.

  • jayCASTERjayCASTER Website User Posts: 1

    Hi, I am having the same problem. I also am working on a Mac. Apparently Mac cannot see the individual AVCHD files, it only sees one "quicktime video" file that contains all of the clips inside it like what @LibertyPastor described. I also bought the Premium Formats just now thinking that it would solve the problem because I saw the word AVCHD on the description of the product...

    "Premium formats
    Enables support for the Dolby AC3/AVCHD and MPEG-2 video formats. Check the logos on the side of your camera to see if you need this pack!"

    I hope someone from HitFilm can help us out. Thanks!

  • CedricBonnierCedricBonnier Staff Administrator, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,189 Staff

    Hi @jayCASTER, like I said before, it would be really helpful to have one of those files, would you be able to upload one please? Any upload service is fine (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, ...).

    There might be an issue in the software but unless we have the video file to test here there isn't much we can do to help.

    If you don't want to put the link here, you can send us the link via our support system.

  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 4,450 Enthusiast

    It sounds like your Mac might be hiding the contents of the folder structure created by your camera and pretending it's just a single file, in an attempt to be helpful.  Try right clicking the file and choosing 'Show package contents'. This will show the actual folder contents, which will enable you to drill down to the actual MTS video files.

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    Had the same issue. Sony FS100 using a MacBook Pro.  I have the Add-On Formats: Starter pack. and importing AVCHD file was still not working.

    What I was able to figure out.....

    Sony creates a single file AVCHD "folder" containing all the video clips - not sure what I clicked but this file was opened creating a new BDMV file (AVCHD Collection) the collection file contains all the video clips and other files.

    On the BDMV file select Show Package Contents -> review the available folders. You are looking for the .MTS files.

    Copy the .MTS files onto the desktop or your favorite video folder. Form there HitFilm Express was able to Import the files without an issue. 2am here and work in 3 hrs or I'd write more... Hope this helps someone and allows them to get some rest. :)


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