New VFX courses to drive up UK talent announced

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Hi, just been reading on the BBC about a new course for 16yr olds who want to get into Game Design, VFX and Animation. So if your 15 and thinking I want to study VFX, maybe this is for you?


  • StormyKnight
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    Huh, you wouldn't think there'd be a shortage of qualified folks in this field. So everyone wants to play the game but they don't want to design it or watch the movie and not produce one? Hopefully this won't turn out like the music industry which is suffering real talent these days. Interesting how similar the narrative is from this situation to the music industry. As tech became more available and cheaper, less talented people have been able to find an audience. It takes little time or talent to program a beat for 4 measure and repeat ad infinitum. That's about 75% of the music out there from what I've heard. If the same thing happens in the VFX industry be prepared for mediocre gaming and films. And from all the movies I've watched this past month (I got 3 free months of premium movie channels so I've been watching 2 movies a day- 6 each weekend day) there's already been a shift in the number of bad movies compared to good. And most of you know me, I like everything, but recently I found myself turning off several movies after 30 mins into it either due to story, acting or VFX.

    Well, I hope the search for VFX artists yields some true talent. If I were eligible I'd probably take advantage of this course if I could.

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