Program Crashes When I Try to Start a Project...? (Resolved)

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I just downloaded HitFilm 3 Express, and whenever I try to open a project, it says "Hitfilm 3 has encountered a problem and has to exit", then it crashes. This really frustrates me and I can't find any way around it, I even updated my graphics card with an Intel link that a staff member provided in another discussion and still no luck... My computer is brand new, Windows 8 - 64 bit. Please Help!!


  • Andy001z
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    You need to give a bit more info on your computer spec. Some processors don't work with HF.

    Processor Make / Speed


    Graphics Card


    Another thing, try launching HF as administrator (right click on icon and choose run as admin). Might help?

  • SimonKJones
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    As Andy says, please provide some information about your computer's hardware. Being brand new doesn't necessarily mean it meets the minimum requirements (although I'd be surprised, as our requirements are quite low).

  • Chasehartman7
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    Thank you guys for your reply Andy and Simon, according to my PC info,  here's what it says

    Processor: Intel (R), Core (TM),  13-4132 CPU @ 3.40QHz  3.40GHz

    System: 64 bit operating system, x64 bit processor (Brand: Dell)(Windows 8.1)

    Memory: 643 GB available of 922 GB

    Graphics: (Chip Type: Intel (R) HD Graphics Family) (DAC Type: Internal) (Adaper String: Intel (R) HD Graphics 4400)

    It's a Dell Desktop I just bought new last year


  • Ady
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    Sorry for the trouble you've been experiencing with the software, could you please update your Intel HD 4400 graphics driver please as that is most likely the culprit for the error.

    Intel HD Updater (External link to the Intel Website)


  • Chasehartman7
    Chasehartman7 Website User Posts: 5


    I updated the graphics drive, and it worked. Thank you so much! :)

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