File error when loading too many clips

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I just hit an issue with my project.

I imported 80+ UHD clips and added them to the timeline with no trouble, then HF3 Pro stopped importing new clips. All new clips are reported with a "File Error" text and are not editable in the timeline.

If i import them in a new project, they work.

Does HF have a clip import limit?!?


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    1. Are on on Windows?
    2. Are your clips Quicktime MOV files?

    It is a known issue with QT on Windows and having many video files simultaneously open. Quicktime is a bit of a memory pig and it is only 32-bit on Windows and thus easily runs out of available address space.

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    Norman is basically correct. I do know that the Hitfilm development team has some custom code to try and help overcome that 4GB QT limit, but I'm not certain if that's trying for anything at all in an MOV container, of if that's optimized for specific codecs.

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    Well, the clips are all cineform converted gopro files, in avi container. And I am on Windows7/64 bit.

     Is the qt issue still applicable in this case? Is there something I can do to overcome this limitation? Need to re-encode in some specific format?


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    I don't recommend to import multiple video clips in Hitfilm because that would cause trouble which used to happen to me.

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    So you're saying that it's better to use HF3 Pro for short clips effects then edit the whole thingy on another editor? Sad.

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    Now reconverting all clips to AVI MPeg2 high quality + PCM16 audio. Maybe the GoPro Cineform wraps a quicktime, they mention it in the GoPro Studio app requirements.

    Should MPeg2 be good enough for UHD editing?

    Crossing fingers.

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     Ok... AVI MPeg2 don't work in HF3, or i used a wrong encoder.

    Anyway, i tried throwing at HF3 the original GoPro UHD MP4 files, without re-encoding, and it works enough smooth and stands all my clips (190+).

    Better, as i don't lose anything in a conversion for editing. and it looks like more stable than with Cineform.

    Now question is: wanting to produce a final 1080p file, is it best to configure an 2160p project then export to 1080p or to configure a 1080p project and import all 2160p clips at 50% size? Also considering that i wish to gather all color info from original (4:2:0 to 4:4:4) files when going to final export.


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    Ooook, ok...

    Shoot on feet. The original GoPro files WERE smooth until I started trimming them, then HF crawled to death. Too much optimistic.

    So, i tried to convert the files in ProRes format and added a ProRes file and the very same GoPro Studio Cineform file to the timeline.

    Then i killed the FXMediaQTServer process. Immediately HF was no more able to display the ProRes file, but it still was able to play the Cineform file. This leads me think that Cineform is not QuickTime based. So... why HF stopped loading Cineform files after a certain number of clips? This is a different issue, it seems...

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    The Cineform codec can be used with an AVI (Windows) wrapper or an MOV  (QuickTime) wrapper. Since your files are in an AVI wrapper then QuickTime isn't the culprit. Did you happen to check your RAM usage after importing 80+ clips? I would think that many open UHD clips would require a lot of RAM.


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    Uhm... well, just opened the project and tried to add a new single clip, which failed. The RAM occupation of the HitFilmPro process after the failure is about 6.6GB which seems fine to me. I'm running on a 32 GB machine so i guess the RAM is not the culprit.

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     Hi, looks to be an interesting if not frustrating issue. Can you give the HF guys a bit more info on the files your importing. What are the size of each and what is the total size of project once all loaded in (time size). What is the project settings? Are you trying to proxy these files once loaded?

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    Currently the project is 7min 26 sec long, 1920x1080 at 24 fps, Color depth 8 bit. File size has variance, but stays generically between 200MB and 1.5GB. Many of those files were trimmed inside of HF. They were encoded as GoPro Cineform (AVI)at medium quality starting from UHD GoPro Hero4 Black encoded footage, all deactivated (i mean, no ProTune setting set on files, as they embed such information, they are all to "none").

    I have only one proxy file, computed on an image sequence of 566 4000x3000 PNG pictures (a timelapse).

    Hope this may help a bit.

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    One more info: for this specific project i switched to Resolve12 Beta. Resolve loads all clips (190+) and previews them correctly in the media bin. I'm working to rebuild a similar timeline as in HF3 but i still didn't place the same amount of clips on it (i reached 3 mins timeline). All working, so far. So Cineform codec doesn't seem to be the culprit. It has to be something related to HF itself.

    Anyway, i noticed that Cineform causes some random crashes even on Resolve, similarly to HF3 so i guess that this codec has something strange in it.

    But crashes are infrequent so for now that's ok.

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