Nerf Dart Shooter - VFX Test

What do you guys think of this cheeky little video I made this afternoon?
Using nothing but a cheap green-screen cardboard cutout from an old shoebox and Hitfilm 3 Pro.
Not perfect, but I think it came out alright. Learn a lot.


  • StormyKnight
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    FUNNY!!!!! One observation, at the moment of firing, the timing seems a little off. It would be more convincing if either the dart came out fast until the gun was out of view- then slow it down -or- the video of the gun slowed down just as it fires. Just something about that one moment. Otherwise, for the tools you used and the way it turned out, BRAVO! Oh, and did I mention- FUNNY!!!!!

  • Great job! Very funny. I agree with what StormyKnight said. 

  • Robin
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    Yeah, it seems a little odd that the dart seems to be suspended in mid air, while the gun still moves quite fast. Other than that, Great job! I really like the look of the shockwave emanating from the gun. Was that just a blur/displacement with an animated elliptical mask, or is there more behind it?

  • Andy001z
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    Have to agree with the others about the gun speed, but impressive stuff for a shoe box green screen and a nerf gun.

  • Simes
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    Pretty nice! One of the Red Giant Film Team Experiments recently was something similar, and shows how you can get a nice slow-mo spin effect by sticking the dart onto a drill and, well, spinning it slowly. :)

    There's a quick BTS video as well:

  • PaulBryan
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    Thanks for all the comments guys!
    I agree about the dart, I was going to mask the barrel, but I got lazy :P

    I accidentally filmed in 24p instead of 60p, so I couldn't slow it down to look more natural (I did try but it was jerky and there is no way to interpolate as far as I know?).

    Also Robin it is part of the free Red Giant Universe plugin for Hitfilm 3, looks nice right?

    This was mainly just a test to see if I COULD do something in a few hours using nothing but Hitfilm 3. I am ordering a popup green screen tomorrow, so expect more ;)

  • Robin
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    Ah, I see - I have installed Universe, but didn't get to digging into what's in there further yet :D

  • The one I used is Elliptical Distortion, essentially just is a pre-made alpha shockwave, pretty useful and customizable!

  • NormanPCN
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    Who knew nerf had a whole other level of fun...

  • Palacono
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     Quote: @PaulBryan "I accidentally filmed in 24p instead of 60p, so I couldn't slow it down to look more natural (I did try but it was jerky and there is no way to interpolate as far as I know?)."

    If your original file is .MP4 or .MOV (or you convert it) you can put it through GoPro Studio 2 (Free!) to make a Cineform file. Just pass it through making no other changes.

    Why? Well, then you can then slow it down in GPS to about 25% speed (or less), then export it using the Flux option, which will interpolate the in-between frames.  You've now got a long, slower video that you'll actually probably want to speed up to get the final speed you want. You could work that out in advance and then only slow it down by the 'right' amount in the first place, but with it really slowed down you have the option to ramp it and gradually speed up or down, or do a jump change, or whatever you want.

    Not quite as good as Twixtor, but pretty close! Note that the Flux option is very CPU intensive (it doesn't use the GPU) and can take a looooong time to run on a slowish PC, so keep the bit you want Fluxed fairly short. The time it takes is proportional to the amount of speed difference and work it has to do to interpolate the missing frames.

  • I have Gopro Studio already as I got the 2015 HERO, didn't think to run it through there.

    Think the best way is to just film in 60 fps next time :P

    Got another short coming on Friday.

  • Palacono
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    How to use Flux for your Super Slow-mo Sections.