[AudioViz] "The Funk Cat"

IAMYISH Posts: 33 Just Starting Out*

New AudioViz done completely in Hitfilm Pro 3.


The Funk Cat

If ever the Audio Interaction options are expanded...it will be a game changer!!



  • StormyKnight
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    Now that's one coooool cat! So how are you getting elements to respond to the beat? i.e. the row of cats that move up with the bass and then fade down until the next base note is played- Was this done in atomic particles?

    Great job!

  • Triem23
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    I am guessing one tedious animation cycle to set up the animation followed by cutting and pasting lots of keyframes... 

    IAMYISH Posts: 33 Just Starting Out*

    Yes, Its all Atomic Particles, very little key-framing actually... the flares, backgrounds, fat cat in a boat and the slow zooming of the Main cat were key-framed, everything else was atomic particle motion to tracked out music.

    I'm starting a new creation tonight using some 3d elements now that i have my toe wet using the Atomic Particle bit. Will also incorporate the UE4 engine to create some 3d elements and import them into Hitfilm(Blender has proved time consuming atm), though I'm searching for a way to get the Materials/Textures to import properly, had a tizzy of a time doing this before.


    we'll see