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After exporting my fully edited video it's werid because video is like in slow motion but then audio goes in real time. in a couple of seconds the audio is much further than the video. I have this issue with videos longer than 10 minutes in normal preset for YouTube, (1280x720 and i have to keep my aspect ratio by expanding due to that my sreen is not in 16:9 i keep 60fps as in my raw recordings, aspect ratio is :square pixels 1.0 , profile :main, level:4.0 ,encoding: Variable  Bitrate, 1 pass target bitrate and max bitrate are 10 and 15 mbps, audio ACC 192 kbps) or in all videos wth resolution higher than this.I asked my friend using hitfilm to export movie from camera and he has the same problem I'm really new to video  editing and I'd appreciate all help that i could get. If anyone knows how to fix it please help.


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    Are you using 60fps in the Project Settings, for your footage in the media panel, for any composite shots, and in the Export settings? What sample rate is the audio in your video clips, and what sample rate is your project?

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    I thought I use, but now i've checked that and it was 59 fps. The sample rate for audio is 48000Hz in the raw recordings and the same is in HitFilm. I also use the same ACC codec in both but the bitrate in raw recordings are 128 not 192kbps(I've also tried exporting with 128kbps in hitfilm but with the same effect) I also have Antialiasing 4xMSAA(not sure if that info may help you helping me).

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