Audio and Video Syncing Problem

This is my first day using Hitfilm. I used a screen recorder to record gameplay and game audio and used audacity to record commentary separately. When I imported the video that contained the gameplay audio, the video and audio were in sync. I then had no trouble importing my commentary and matching it up with the gameplay video. 

My computer froze (I think there was just too much going on, since I did not close all my recording programs because I was so eager to start editing, oops!). After rebooting I went into Hitfilm again and imported my video of the gameplay that included gameplay audio. I found that now the video and audio are no longer syncing up, even though they were recorded together and are one MP4. 

The video is 20 minutes long, 25 FPS, with an audio sample rate of 44Hz. I made sure to match these with the Hitfilm project. I also tried several other settings but the audio and video are not syncing up on any of them. When I watch the MP4 outside of Hitfilm, the audio and video are synced up correctly- they are only out of sync within Hitfilm. I also tried opening other prerecorded videos with Hitfilm and find they are either out of sync or the audio is not playing at all. 

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