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  • DasCalver
    DasCalver Posts: 18 Just Starting Out
    I am often making little animations for YouTubers. Like Audio Animations and Intros.
    Anybody wants to create some awesome Atomic Particle reactions and epic intros with me?
    Just add me on skype: changoroo
  • Hi guys, just lunched a new series:
    Clones In conflict
    science has proven that if you subscribe, like, and comment, you will feel healthier!
    made with just one actor. ME!
    and a camera man...
    no green screening at all btw...
  • eriseD
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    It's worth asking at your local Surplus store if you can rent. For a recent production we rented some uniform, handcuffs and more. The guy was also willing to rent us prop guns. All of that was at a very reasonable rate, and rented for a whole week. You have to bring it back in good condition (so fake blood is out of the question) but it does give you access to a lot more variety than you can have if you buy everything.


    Best thing is to buy toy guns that look reasonably real and paint them black, Army gear you can get at surplus, camping and fishing and army disposal type of stores.
  • HenryGill
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    Here's a short I made for Filmriots Hitfilm Challenge! :) Took 6 hours to film, edit and add visual effects too (except the second to last shot, which was mostly recycled from an old project)
    Used the bulge effect for a shock wave, but found the radius was limited to about 1000 pixels (don't quote me on that figure). Would be nice to have that maximum radius expanded some time in the future so that the effect can be used right up to the edge of the screen...
    Anyway, here's the link: Enjoy!
  • Suro
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    edited June 2013
    I shot this last year when I was visiting California once again.
    A buddy of mine is a stuntman and because of that I could do some crazy fighting stuff.
    (Nothing of it was done in Hitfilm, sadly. Because I didn't use it last year :/ )
    I just noticed it got featured! Thanks guys :D
  • Stop Motion Animated Star Wars Music Video! Animated by myself and a few other collaborators. 

  • Eigenstate
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    edited July 2013
    this film is my first one, It is a hybrid of reality tv and music video. In this scene the troubled young man has been experimenting with hallucinogens and hears his fathers voice berating him, Which leads into a drug induced experience with death.....I would like to put this film into film festivals.....thoughts???...input???
    all special effects were created with Hitfilm 2 Ultimate.
    Moderate language warning!!!!
  • Gos2011
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    What is a production diary
  • SimonKJones
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    It's a diary chronicling the production of a film.
  • KirstieT
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    Stop Motion Animated Star Wars Music Video! Animated by myself and a few other collaborators.

    It must be an obsession with Lego, but I really love your project Morley! It's flawlessly done and great fun to watch :)

  • Suro
    Suro Posts: 26
    Again, no time to actually do a BIG project.
    So instead I did something with a Tardis!
    Again, nothing done in Hitfilm (all done in Cinema4D, with post in AE).
    Although that color grading, masking and grain adding can be done in Hitfilm as well. :D
  • jsljustin
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    edited April 2014
    Hi guys,
    I've been working on a couple of music videos lately... nothing earth shattering or mind blowing I guess, but we have fun filming and editing these videos, and I even convinced our bass player, who was using Nero to do the third music video to try Hitfilm express and he is (I think) as convinced as me that it is the way to go for film editing and effects..
    Hopefully will share them soon.
    Ok - edit - I finished one tonight. Hope you like. I'm no directorial or cinematic genius, but I like the music. Hope you do too.
  • HenryGill
    HenryGill Posts: 36
    So decided to give the Vegas Movie Studio integration a go, but found it wasn't particularly practical when colour correcting every shot in Hitfilm; every time you 'add a hitfilm effect' to a clip then it relaunches Hitfilm, rather than just creating a new composite shot in the already open software. Will probably just do the full edit in Hitfilm next time. Also found that the colour correction wheels proved more handy in adjusting the overall brightness/contrast than the levels histogram simply due to being able to control highlights/midtones/shadows independently.
    Anyway, here's the final result: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEvw0V-fwZU