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  • HenryGill
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    My biggest project so far! Unfortunately it was a bit rushed!
    The motion tracking was also difficult due to lots of blur and shaky camera! Would love to know what you all think and especially any tips and improvements - some of those explosions were more than a bit dodgy!
  • fuzmaster
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    Dude, it's a good concept, but I was thinking if you worked on some of the color correction for the effects, it would work. And if you shoot more on a tripod, it would be easier to add some effects that look good, with lots of detail rather then worrying if the motion tracking will get it write. And if you have no choice but to motion track, use something bright in the shot so you can track it easier in whatever tracking program you have. Also if you are shooting outside, make sure it's brighter out next time since you had to heavily color correct it throughout, unless that's what you were going for. Also the explosions just seem to pop in some cases. You should use a glow and shockwave, as well as the camera shake I mentioned before. That can be easily be done with some masks in AE or whatever you use. Other then that, it's good.
    Now for my thread reply.
    I've been working of VFX for a long time (if you count 3 or 4 years a long time) and I've just discovered this thread. Since I'm here, I would like to show the latest video that I have worked on. It only took me two days, but I like the final result. After all, "you are your biggest critic" and I feel this is good when trying to test the waters on only working on film for so long so your content can be released every week, especially if you work full time on youtube.

    I also post some cool test shots, and I have other videos like this on my channel as well, so check them out.
  • ESPictures
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    Good, but the shot where he lands on the floaty island looks a little oddly composited. It looks as though he could just be standing on any road with the horizon there. Maybe show him land on the ed of the island, with part of the edge visible in frame to really sell the shot. And the airplane was a bit too dodgy with a low rez render and red smoke coming out of the back. I think the shot would work better if you just dropped it entirely.
  • ESPictures
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    I made a video trailer for a book due to be published at the end of August. I can't say much about it without approval from the author, but I did keep a couple of short clips from the trailer to use as demo reels.
    Now, I'm working on a new sci-fi action / thriller. These are some of the early renders (I'm still in the process of rendering high resolution images)
    It's going to have a lot more compositing into real environments. Just wrapped principle photography where the creature rampages through the downtown streets and into a train yard. Once the CGI character is rendered, I'll be able to begin compositing them together in hitfilm.
  • HenryGill
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    Havn't posted in this forum for a while so heres my latest film...

    Despite colour correcting the mars bar picture, the very first shot with the mars bar being lifted in the air looks incredibly unrealistic, any ideas on why that is?
  • SimonKJones
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    I think it's the animation rather than the compositing itself. It's quite a jerky movement that reveals it as being computer animation.
  • Hello Hitfilm!
    Well, I just finished a rough summary for the web series that I'm working on called Sunrise, which will feature a new super hero that I created named Sol-Cara. Now that I finished the summary I will move onto the script and go from there. I'm really excited for this project and am looking at a Late September/ Early October release as the plot will deal with Halloween. The next step will probably be to purchase a camera; I am looking at the canon t3i as it seems to be a pretty decent camera. The only thing that worries me is that it gives out mov. files, which can be troublesome to edit with! What do you guys film with?

    Here's an early shot of Sol-Cara (using the hitfilm demo!)
  • DrummerGuy
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    Here's my latest VFX reel. It was done in FxHome Compositlab Pro (I would love to use Hitfilm, but I have a Mac)
    The video is called FxHome Tests 5, and it should be the first video to show up. Lemme know what you think.
  • [quote] I am looking at the canon t3i as it seems to be a pretty decent camera. The only thing that worries me is that it gives out mov. files, which can be troublesome to edit with! What do you guys film with?[/quote]
    MendozaCorps, I use the T3i and it is just brilliant! It actually gives out .mp4 files (perhaps you can somehow change it to .mov?), which works just fine in both Hitfilm and Vegas Movie Studio.
    Hope that helps you make up your mind!
  • Filmed in Greece and featuring bullet hits, explosions, slow motion, holograms and 3D jets rendered out of Blender!

    Unfortunately I couldn't upload to the movie wall as I only had access to a computer with below the minimum requirements for Hitfilm. The effects were done in Ultimate however! Hope you like it!
  • SimonKJones
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    You can submit a movie manually on the movie wall itself. :)
  • [quote]You can submit a movie manually on the movie wall itself. [/quote]
    Thats GREAT! It is much easier to upload directly through youtube than out of Hitfilm (you can choose the thumbnail, add to playlists etc)!
  • ESPictures
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    Greece? Wow. That must give you a lot of opportunities for beautiful filming locations. About all I have to work with here are farms, flat land, and a small town. Only one decent park to film in.
  • [quote]Greece? Wow. That must give you a lot of opportunities for beautiful filming locations. About all I have to work with here are farms, flat land, and a small town. Only one decent park to film in.[/quote]
    It was great - but it was a family holiday so it still took numerous bribes for my brother (filmed) to act just that little scene... :(
    Normally I have fields and woodland - it will be best when I can a. drive to locations, and b. find other people nearby that are also interested in making films!
    Then again, it's great being a kid because nobody expects you to have a filming permit!
  • My first serious attempt at using the particle system in Hitfilm! Also my biggest project to date - hopefully worth a featured video on the movie wall!
    Phone Warfare is a capture the flag game with snipers, explosives and machine guns!
  • SimonKJones
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    Nice! I really like how you shot this, it feels very naturalistic which in turn makes all the VFX slot in convincingly.
  • Utterly bonkers - "Stay behind cover" features two soldiers in the middle of an enormous battle, but not everything goes quite according to plan...

    Colour grading's a bit extreme, but i'm pleased with the thought bubble effect!
  • DrummerGuy
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    A new VFX reel. Check it out and lemme know what you think: http://www.godtube.com/awesomefilms/
    Feedback and (constructive!) criticism would be appreciated. :)
  • A little late i know but i loved your phone warfare film Labrinth- the flag effects were done really well, especially the reflection in the sunglasses. The sniper scope on the phone was hilarious and the movement into the POV shot was amazing. Really well done mate.
  • Here's a Avengers Fan Film I have been working on for the past couple of months. Special effects were mostly done in FXhome VisionLab Studio
  • We've done it. We've finally added our own zombie apocalypse movie to the thousands of others on Youtube!
  • Rendering. . .
  • Basically, we fancied giving some Molotov Cocktails (petrol bombs) a go, decided to film them, and then made an entire video revolving around them!
  • Bonus film this week, and we made a Slender Fan Film - "Slenderchild"

  • Here's our latest video. We got to try out some 3d match moving and rendering in Blender, which was fun. We also got to use some new gun and explosion sound effects we recorded with an H4n. Let us know what you think!
  • Some nice animation there JonesBros! Keep it up!
    Stuck a GoPro on my head while paintballing, a bit of a rushed job, but here are the results!
    We responded to a request, and made a real life film of the video-game-to-be Battlefield 4.
    Some nice muzzle flashes, grading, and a cool HUD!
    Enjoy, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  • SimonKJones
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    Great work here, guys! Will be highlighting some of this in a community blog post soon. :)
  • Gave the 3d model import a try, and updated my intro!
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated; at the mo its quite simple and I'm not really sure what to add!
  • TylerDarden
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    Last summer I tried to make another short action movie. But too many things went wrong, as I had planned, so I was not able to finish the film. However, from the footage I managed to edit a few scenes and the trailer:

    A lot of visual effects made ​​it to Hitfilm 2 Ultimate. Including compositing 3D models, dust, gun shells.
    Again, many times used Hitfilm stock footage. It's great, I want more!))
    I hope that even this unfinished someone like that.))