head chopping off video!!!!!!

Hey hitfilm Fam, need some thoughts on this video.  I need this scene for a short film set in a post apocalyptic setting.  I welcome all constructive criticism and thoughts.  I am basically setting the shot up for some of the cast in this particular scene.

basically, just thoughts on making this better or is it believable in any way.  Would it pass, or to cheezy.  Triem, what do you think?


  • Aladdin4d
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    Film Riot - Flying Severed Heads Are Fun @9:00 mins

    Copyrighted weapon decapitation

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    Tucker if you posted a sample image or video, I don't see it. Otherwise, Aladdin pulled up the first thing I would have--Severed Heads Film Riot. 

    Doing a decapitation my masking off the head and flying it down is pretty typical, but the way Ryan Connelly set that up is about the best way I have seen to do it in post. 

    Other basic option is to nake a dummy and whack it's head off on-camera, but if you don't have resources to make a good fake head, it's tricky. 

    There's another Film Riot where they did a slightly different decapitation. Josh cuts off Aris's head with an axe. I will see if I can find it, but it was basically three plates: Aris on greenscreen reacting to getting hit but keeping his head up, Aris on greenscreen just dropping his head forward for masking (so the head rotates as it drops), remove greenscreen then shoot Josh with the axe. Camera was locked, and all shots in the same room. Dropped Aris on top of Josh. Put a top layer of Josh, just masking in the axe head so you see it pass through the neck, and swap out the first Aris head for the second as it drops. 

     Aaaaaand, found it. 

  • Triem23,

    ha ha thanks man!  I already made the video, I thought I had exported it already but i hadn't.  I tried to delete the post but couldn't. I will post it revised so keep an eye out and then give me your thoughts.  Thanks