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I can't find the video file for my film on my computer and when I try to upload it to YouTube, it says that it is not compatible or that there is an error! help me please... THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT...


  • AxelWilkinson
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    I'm guessing this is in regard to a video you exported from HitFilm?

    When you export your project from HitFilm, you will specify where the file is saved. You will also specify the filename that is used for the exported video. So if you search your computer for the filename you chose when you exported, you should be able to find it.

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    Thanks for the help, AxelWilkinson! any tips on burning my video on a dvd?

  • StormyKnight
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    Did you add your youtube account info correctly under the export settings? It might ask you to verify as an extra step so if you didn't do that you may just need to verify your account to get access through HF.

    HF tends to open the last folder you saved to. If you go to the export page and click on the 'export' button it should bring up the folder you saved your project to. You don't have to export again but you can see the folder chain where it is in the address bar. If that doesn't locate it, then Axel's advice should work as well.

    Once you locate the file, if you can't upload through HF to youtube, you can go to youtube, open your account and upload it from there. It won't get to the HitFilm movie wall but the vid will be on youtube at least.

    Hope this helps!

  • StormyKnight
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    For burning a vid to a DVD you will need DVD burning software like Roxio or Nero. There may be a program on your computer that came with the computer. If not, there are a few free DVD burning software programs online.  I personally haven't used this as I have Nero, but this should work. Just be careful downloading it- watch out for ads that ask if you want this or that. There's usually a way to skip those with a 'no' button or a 'skip' button.


    Someone else might be able to recommend software as well.

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    thanks StormyKnight!

  • Aladdin4d
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    DVDStyler Portable is an adware free version of the software. It's a lot like Windows DVD Maker from Win 7

  • MrP
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    I am still having problems with my video. I can find the editor file, but not the actual video file and when i burn the editor file on to a disk, it won't play...

  • AxelWilkinson
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    Did you export the project to create a video? What export settings did you use?

  • MrP
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    I need to compress my video now because it went from 321 mb in the editor to 540 gb after I exported it into a video file...


  • FreelanceCancun
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    im having trouble to view DV video 

    im importing from a sony HVR-MRC1K CF recording unit 

    the trimmer window only displays "The video frame is  no valid"

    theres no video only audio.

    how can i fix this?


  • Triem23
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    @FreelanceCancun your footage is in HDV format, which is a licensed codec that FxHome can't give away. You need the Premium Codec pack for HDV, AVC and AVCHD video or for Dolby audio. 

  • emma24xia
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    These are the video formats YouTube supports:

    • .MOV
    • .MPEG4
    • MP4
    • .AVI
    • .WMV
    • .MPEGPS
    • .FLV
    • 3GPP
    • WebM

    If yours is not listed, this may be the reason why YouTube refused to add it.

  • Sup,

    I'm using the free version of HitFilm 3. I have finished making a movie (under 3min long) and would like to upload it to youtube, but everytime I try to add my youtube account it says "An error occurred while getting account details". This is extremely frustrating, because it doesn't tell me what kind of error or how to fix it so I have no idea what to do.

    I have tried adding different emails and youtube accounts, and re-signing in to gmail/youtube/google+ and nothing makes a difference. Please tell me what to do.

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