Hitfilm 3 Express plugins missing

hi everybody. I've installed HF3 Express and it seems that some of plugins like bleachbypass or LightswordGlow or LightRays disappeared from user interface (but they still are in the plugins folder)

anyone can help?



  • Andy001z
    Andy001z Posts: 3,289 Ambassador

    See other forum chats, they are there but only unlocked when you decide you need them (i.e. Pay for those features you really need). It's a new exciting business model that enables everyone to get the basics for free (and when I say basics, I mean some pretty cool stuff) with the option to enable them at cost as you like. Personally I think its an interesting idea. Of course, if you want all the features Hitfilm has got to offer, I suggest investing in the Pro version.

    Good luck.

  • ok, now I understand it. I really like HF3 express.


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