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Hi, I'm new to this program, I tried to import some files and I got a message saying to get a licence so the sound will be enabled, Please help. 


  • Triem23
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    Your video camera is either recording AVCHD video, Dolby audio or both. These codecs have license fees, and FxHome can't give them away. 

    You can either purchase the Premium Codec pack to directly use your camera files, or use software like MPEG Streamclip or Handbrake (both free) to convert your footage to a different format to import to Hitfilm. 

  • Robin
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    @Triem23 all this discussion about converting before importing so HitFilm can read the files without the codec packs make me wonder, why is it those converters can read the codecs while being free to use? Any idea about that?

  • Triem23
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    Maybe because one is a transcoder, the other an editor? Different licences. 

  • Marcin
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    @Robin: handbrake is decoding AC3 via ffmpeg, I think and the legal status of AC3 support in ffmpeg is a bit unclear (ffmpeg even tried to clarify it with Dolby, without any success, as I read). But ffmpeg is a free, open source tool, while HF is a commercial product, so Dolby would not ignore the unauthorized usage of their technology in this case.  This is of course my theory only :)

  • Aladdin4d
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    @Robin Most converters use FFMpeg and/or Mencoder to do the dirty work. As @Marcin points out the legality of many of the codecs FFMpeg supports is ambiguous at best. It generally gets a pass by being open source non-commercial software but when you're talking about a commercial product like HitFilm then it's a whole different ballgame

  • Robin
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    Oh okay, that makes sense, I guess. Thanks guys! Didn't want to hijack this thread though, so back to topic :D - @BudgieBum did all that clear your question up?

  • FXhomer227348
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    I purchased Hitfilm 2 Express last year, There is no problem with the sound on AVCHD/Dolby video.  When Hitfilm 3 express came out I assumed it was an upgrade, but apparently it's a downgrade which requires additional purchases to maintain the functionality.  I've uninstalled Hitfilm 3 express.  I'm very happy with Hitfilm 2 express.

  • AxelWilkinson
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    Since HitFilm 2 Express was a paid product and HitFilm 3 Express is free, there are some difference, yes. Over 30 new features and effects have been added to version 3, but a few have been taken out as well. One of these is Dolby support, due to licensing requirements imposed on up by Dolby. But yes, if you already have 2 Express, you can carry on using it as long as you like. And with 3 Express, if you want to add on some of the additional features like Particles or whatnot, you can do so quite affordably.

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