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I recently came into $60 on Amazon that I have to spend in the next couple days, and I am looking to buy som film/production equipment. I couldn't find any lenses for that much, which is fine, I wasn't expecting to find any lenses.

What I currently have:

Black Magic Cinema Pocket Camera

GoPro Hero 3 White

Audio Technica ATTR 5500

Zoom H2

5858D PlatinumPlus tripod

What I have on my possibility list:

Sound Mixer- $40-60

64 GB SD for my BMPCC- $54

Battery/Charger for my BMPCC- $22

Pelican Case for my BMPCC and Gopro- $39

What do you think I should purchase? Or any other suggestions? The money I have is for Amazon and I have 4 days to use it.


  • Triem23
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    Case, power or the SD card. Protecting your gear is always important. Having extra power for your gear can be important if you're out shooting all day, and if you're shooting all day, more storage is good. a $30-$40 dollar mixer probably isn't worth the money.

  • LiamMrK2
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    Yeah. So far in filming, I havent run close to running out of storage. I think the case may be the best idea. Or maybe I'll just buy 20-30 pairs of aviators and look cool everyday. Probably jusathe case. Haha. Any other suggestions? I thought about buying some software for my Midi keyboard, any suggestions for that? 

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    20-30 pairs of aviators with $60?!? Where on earth are you finding these?

  • LiamMrK2
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    Cheap aviators, not brand name, but I really don't care, nothing I own is brand name.